Complimentary Staff Weekend

During large special retreats at the monastery, there is much to do! We often have more than 200 people to host. We prepare dormitory housing and campgrounds; serve meals and wash dishes; keep restroom facilities stocked and clean; provide meeting spaces and organize activities; and the list goes on. In short, we could not host this type of retreat without our staff members and we are very grateful to you. As a small token of our appreciation, we are offering a complimentary weekend stay to those who served on the winter staff team as well as those who served the children’s and teen’s programs during our summer retreats.
During the weekend stay, you will follow the daily schedule of the monastery with the monks and nuns. Check-in time is between 2 and 4 PM on Friday and check-out time is at 3 PM on Sunday, when the Sunday of Mindfulness concludes. We kindly ask all friends to arrive on the designated arrival day and depart on the designated departure day.
As you fill out the registration form for this event, please be sure to click both the “make reservation” and “proceed to checkout” buttons, even though your reservation does not require a financial contribution. This will ensure that we receive your reservation. For this complimentary weekend, please disregard warnings that your reservation will be canceled without payment.
Below is a list of currently available Friday arrival dates. We will be adding more dates to this list as new dates are approved. On popular arrival dates, space is limited, so kindly try to register a minimum of one week ahead of your projected arrival date. When registering, please be aware that there are different arrival dates for Solidity and Clarity Hamlets.
Available arrival dates for 2020:

February 7
February 14


Please select your accommodation:


Arrival Date: