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mayo 26 @ 5:30 am - mayo 30 @ 3:00 pm PDT

Wake Up Circle

Un Retiro en Línea organizado por los monasterios de Deer Park, Blue Cliff y Magnolia Grove

¿Cómo podemos manejar los sentimientos de temor, soledad y enojo dentro de nosotros y a nuestro alrededor? No hay «vuelta a la normalidad» en un mundo tan incierto y complejo, así que no volvamos atrás, unámonos para construir un futuro más compasivo. Wake Up es una comunidad global activa de jóvenes practicantes de la consciencia plena de 20 y 30 años inspirados por las enseñanzas del maestro zen y activista por la paz Thich Nhat Hanh. Nos reunimos para practicar la consciencia plena con el fin de cuidar de nosotros mismos, alimentar la felicidad y contribuir a construir una sociedad más sana y compasiva.

Todo puede empezar contigo. Tú eres la base de cualquier cambio que se produzca en tu sociedad. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Nota: Queridos amigos, reconocemos que los y las jóvenes pueden enfrentarse a problemas bastante específicos debido a la etapa de su vida en la que se encuentran. Por lo tanto, queremos dar prioridad y apoyo a las personas entre 20 y 30 años en este retiro.
El horario de este retiro esta aquí en las zonas horarias de Estados Unidos. Así que si puedes organizar tu horario personal para seguirlo, entonces inscríbete en este sitio. Sin embargo, si vives en Europa, África o Asia, hay un retiro de Wake Up separado pero paralelo, organizado por el Monasterio de Plum Village, en el que el horario podría adaptarse mejor a tu zona horaria. Puedes inscribirte en Plum Village aquí.

En este retiro encontrarás:

  • Práctica de meditación sentada con la guÍa en vivo de monásticos de Plum Village
  • Charlas en directo ofrecidas por monásticos senior discípulos del Maestro Zen Thich Nhat Hanh directamente desde nuestros tres centros estadounidenses.
  • Espacios para conectar con gente de nuestra edad mientras profundizamos en los retos y las alegrías que experimentamos en nuestra vida diaria, incluyendo espacios específicos para personas BIPOC y LGBT+ identificadas
  • Una transmisión de los Cinco Entrenamientos de la Atención Plena ofrecidos por los monásticos de Plum Village.

Aquí puedes ver el horario de cada día según la zona horaria a la que prefiera incorporarse.


5:30 amMeditación Sentada
7:00 amDesayuno (fuera de línea)
8:00 amCharla de Dharma
10:00 amMeditación a pie (fuera de línea)
11:00 amEjercicio (fuera de línea)
12:00 pmAlmuerzo opcional en las mesas de trabajo
1:30 pmRelajación total (fuera de línea)
2:30 pmCompartir el Dharma
4:30 pmTalleres/presentaciones
6:30 pmCena (fuera de línea)
8:00 pmMeditación Sentada
9:30 pmSilencio Noble (fuera de línea)

Este horario está sujeto a cambios.
5:30 amMeditación Sentada
6:30 amDesayuno (fuera de línea)
7:30 amMeditación a pie (fuera de línea)
10:00 amCharla de Dharma
12:00 pmAlmuerzo opcional en las mesas de trabajo
1:30 pmRelajación total (fuera de línea)
2:30 pmCompartir el Dharma
4:00 pmEjercicio (fuera de línea)
5:30 pmCena (fuera de línea)
6:30 pmTalleres/presentaciones
8:30 pmMeditación Sentada
9:30 pmSilencio Noble (fuera de línea)

Este horario está sujeto a cambios.
5:30 amMeditación Sentada
6:30 amEjercicio (fuera de línea)
7:30 amDesayuno (fuera de línea)
8:30 amMeditación a pie (fuera de línea)
11:00 amCharla de Dharma
12:30 pmAlmuerzo opcional en las mesas de trabajo
2:00 pmRelajación total (fuera de línea)
3:00 pmCompartir el Dharma
5:30 pmCena (fuera de línea)
6:30 pmMeditación Sentada
7:30 pmTalleres/presentaciones
9:30 pmSilencio Noble (fuera de línea)

Este horario está sujeto a cambios.


El retiro tiene tres precios: Estándar (240 dólares), Patrocinador (360 dólares) para los que pueden ofrecer más para apoyar a los becados, y Beca (120 dólares) para los que necesitan apoyo financiero para asistir.
As part of our wish to make the Dharma more accessible to all people, we have a number of scholarships available for BIPOC retreatants. Please contact us here if you wish to apply for a scholarship.

Precio del retiro:

Fecha de inicio del retiro:


Khoi Pond Solidity

Frequently Asked Questons

We encourage you to attend as much of the retreat as possible to get the greatest benefit from the practice. 

Yes, we try to livestream all sessions to our platform so you can follow both there and on Zoom. The recording of this livestream will remain available afterwards.

In this retreat, the Dharma Sharing is a smaller break-out group of around 15-20 participants, led by an experienced facilitator. It gives us a chance to listen deeply, to speak from the heart, and benefit from each other’s insights and experience of practicing mindfulness. We can share our experiences, our joys, our difficulties, and our questions relating to the teachings in the retreat, and the mindfulness practices we are following together.

Please organize your time and commitments, so you have space from the morning of Wednesday, May 26, to the afternoon of Sunday, May 30, to fully participate in the retreat. As the retreat approaches, you’ll receive a digital package with information and resources on how to prepare yourself and your environment so you can really enjoy the retreat. 

You’re invited to prepare a room or corner in your home where you can be online, undisturbed. It is important that you are not interrupted during the various sessions, so you may like to communicate with loved ones, or other people you live with, to ask for their support in this. If you are participating in the Dharma Sharing groups, it will be important for you to log-on from a private space where you can share without others hearing you.

The Dharma Sharing break-out groups are the ideal time to ask questions from the heart about the teachings you have heard and practices we are following together. You can also write a question in the comments below the video of a particular talk. There will be a special session of Questions & Answers with the monks and nuns on Saturday 29th May.

The Dharma Sharing break-out groups offer a rare opportunity to join a circle facilitated by a monastic. If you are interested in connecting with the monastics, we strongly encourage you to make the commitment to opt-in to the three Dharma Sharing sessions. Our teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, taught us that Dharma Sharing break-out groups are a powerful way to learn and grow in our mindfulness practice. Note that these sessions are not direct question-and-answer sessions, but a group where questions are addressed collectively.

Yes, you do not need to be in a hut on a mountain to enjoy this retreat. So long as you have a quiet corner or room where you can be undisturbed, and perhaps have space to stretch and do the mindful movements, you will be able to enjoy the retreat fully. You may need headphones, and when you are joining Dharma Sharing, somewhere in the house where you can speak without being heard by others.

You can explain to those you live with your intention in joining the retreat and ask for their support. The idea is not to cut yourself off from them, but to generate a strong energy of mindfulness, peace and presence, during the sessions, that you can bring to your in-person interactions off-screen over the course of the weekend. You will be able to apply many of the teachings on deep listening, mindful eating and so on, right away!

This retreat is designed for young adults in their 20s and 30s as we recognize that this is quite a specific and unique life stage. Therefore we appreciate the understanding from our wider community by offering this space to this group of people. Throughout the year we offer many other retreats that cater to a wider range of ages and we invite you to join these other retreats. Please note that in the Dharma Sharing breakout groups themes spontaneously arise that may not be appropriate for teenagers or children, and so it is not possible to register participants under 18 for the Dharma Sharing groups. We are currently exploring how we can offer a different, more tailored experience for children and teens online. Please check our events listing for future announcements.

This retreat is accessible to those new to the practice, and will be a refreshing and deepening experience for those who have been practicing mindfulness for some time. It is a precious chance to connect directly with our spiritual community, and to meet like-minded people.

Please see the schedule and convert the times into your time-zone. This is an international retreat most suited for time zones in the Americas. The schedule of this retreat will be in Pacific, Central, and Eastern Standard times (PST, CST, EST). So if you can arrange your personal schedule to follow, then please register on this site. However, if you live in Europe or Africa there is a concurrent Wake Up retreat organized by Plum Village Monastery where the schedule might suit your time zone better.

If you are in a later time zone (e. g. Asia), you may still be able to follow the retreat in a different way that suits your time since you can watch recordings of the talks. This is still an experiment and we are open to learning, so please do send us your feedback.

The retreat will be offered in English. For Spanish speakers, there will be Spanish speaking Dharma Sharing break-out groups. The concurrent Wake Up retreat organized by Plum Village Monastery will offer translation French guided meditations, relaxations, and French Dharma Sharing break-out groups. As we expand our experience and technical capacity, we hope to offer translation into more languages in future. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

If we can find translators, the talks will be translated live in Spanish. If you are bilingual, and have experience offering simultaneous translation for the Dharma talks (teachings) into Spanish, and would like to offer to translate, please contact us here and we will see what may be possible.

This retreat will be delivered to you through your web browser and the Zoom app. When following the live events you can choose to join via Zoom or via the embedded video in your browser (link will be provided in advance). If you are opting-in to Dharma Sharing (the smaller breakout groups), you will need to install the Zoom software and you will need a webcam on your computer or tablet, so people can see you (just as you will see others). It is also preferable to have headphones, ideally with a microphone.

We do our best to livestream in either 720p or 1080p. After the retreat we will upload all content in 1080p.

It depends how unstable. Your viewing quality is similar to watching something on Youtube. So if that is a pleasant enough experience, then yes you can join this retreat. But for Dharma Sharing others might find it difficult to hear you. If your video is laggy you can call in on your cell phone and keep your video on.

Yes, when you subscribe you will receive an email with instructions and telephone numbers to join us via Zoom. You will only be able to follow the live sessions; it is not possible to join Dharma Sharing sessions by dialing in with a phone. We ask that everyone who participates in Dharma Sharing turn on their camera.

Yes you can join only via audio, you do not have to start your camera, you can also choose only to watch via our platform. Only when you join the Dharma Sharing session, everybody is asked to start their camera to create a safe environment.

All the recordings will be available afterwards on our platform, for you to access for six months. You will not be able to download them.

The groups will be assigned by the monastics, based on our experience of creating diverse yet balanced groups. It is not possible to assign you to a chosen facilitator or to be in a group with friends. In this retreat we will also have groups for LGBTIA+ and BIPOC identified persons.

Your contribution will go towards food, lodging, and healthcare for our community of 700 monastics in ten mindfulness practice centers worldwide. It will also enable us to invest in technical infrastructure in terms of internet, cameras, and equipment, so we can offer more teachings live online, with direct contact between monastics and practitioners. Without your support, we would be unable to sustain our community or offer the Dharma online.

We can offer a full refund within 30 days of your payment.

We do not want the financial aspect to keep you from participating. If you want to attend an online retreat and your budget does not allow for it at this moment, please contact us here to apply for a further reduction.



mayo 26 @ 5:30 am PDT
mayo 30 @ 3:00 pm PDT
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