Family Retreat and Teen Camp Staff Program

Translation / Dịch : Inglés Vietnamita

We are very happy to inform you that we are offering a Family Retreat and Teen Camp staff program at Deer Park Monastery. Before, during, and after the retreats, we need additional help, so we are inviting mindfulness practitioners who have already attended a 5-day retreat (or longer) at a Plum Village monastery to apply for the staff program. As staff members, you can help us in many different aspects, most of which involve physical work.

Serving on the staff team is often a rewarding and fulfilling experience, working together in joy and community. Here are some of the qualities we are looking for in staff members:

  • Ability to speak basic English
  • Being in good physical and mental health
  • Ability to listen deeply to others and be open to the ideas of others
  • Being mindful and keeping calm even in difficult situations
  • Working well on a team
  • Capable of guiding a group in work
  • Responsible, diligent, and thorough in your work
  • Creative and energetic
  • For first aid, we are looking for people with first aid experience or medical background

Work is done in small groups or “families” comprised of monastic brothers and sisters, experienced lay practitioners, and registrants. Staff will be asked to coordinate and lead family groups in their assigned work. There will be regular staff meetings with monastic staff leaders to learn from each other and nourish harmony within the retreat.

Please click here for more information and to apply!

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