Mindfulness Retreat in Vietnamese – Tập Thói Quen Sống Hạnh Phúc


This Vietnamese retreat, with the theme Create a New Habit: Happiness, will be led by Thich Nhat Hanh’s community of monks and nuns. The event provides an opportunity to learn the art of mindfulness, to deepen your mindfulness training, and to taste the joy and peace of practicing as a community.

The retreat is open to beginners, those who have previously attended retreats, and families with children. The nuns, monks and staff members will lead a mindfulness practice program for teens (ages 13-17) and children (6 to 12 years old). Children under 6 are welcome to join the program under the care of their parent. (Retreat Info Sheet/Bản thông tin về khóa tu)

This retreat is open to all persons of Vietnamese origin. For Vietnamese-Americans who are not fluent in Vietnamese, translation will be provided. For those who are not of Vietnamese origin, please register for the English speaking retreat. Thank you for your understanding.

Contributions are per person and include food, lodging, and tuition.

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