Online Day of Mindfulness

Online Day of Mindfulness

Join us online for our weekly Day of Mindfulness. We will begin with a guided sitting meditation, followed by walking meditation and a dharma talk.

If you need Vietnamese or English translation for the dharma talk, please connect through Zoom to access interpretation. All times are in Pacific Time.

5:45 am: Guided Sitting Meditation
Good morning everyone, and thank you for joining our morning session of sitting meditation. We will begin with the morning chant, followed by 30-minutes of guided meditation, and conclude with touching the earth practice in both English and Vietnamese.
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9:00 am: Walking Meditation
We invite you to practice walking meditation at home in the spirit of this introduction to walking meditation. As we walk throughout the grounds of Deer Park, we know that you are practicing at home and adding to the collective energy.
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10:15 am: Dharma Talk
Pháp Thoại của Thầy Pháp Nhĩ. Brother Phap Nhi offers a Dharma Talk in Vietnamese. If you would like to join us via Zoom to hear the English translation.
YouTube Link | Zoom Link

11:30 am: Ceremony to Recite the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings
Dear Sangha, this is the moment when we enjoy reciting the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings of the Order of Interbeing. The Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings are the very essence of the Order of Interbeing. They are the torch lighting our path, the boat carrying us, the teacher guiding us. They allow us to touch the nature of interbeing in everything that is and to see that our happiness is not separate from the happiness of others. Read along with the text.

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Since this is an online event, we want to invite our friends who live in the Midwest, on the East Coast, or even outside of the US to join us. This is one of the wonderful things about an online Day of Mindfulness! Even though you cannot physically be there with us, you are invited to join us for this morning of practice.

Donations to support the Day of Mindfulness and Deer Park Monastery can be made through the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation.


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