The Buddhism and Ecology Summit

The Buddhism and Ecology Summit

April 22 @ 10:00 am 11:00 am PDT

As we navigate the challenges of the climate crisis and related uncertainties, it’s critical that we tap into the deep well of resources available to nurture and sustain us. Weaving together strands from behavioral and psychological research, contemplative wisdom and practices, and climate activism, this panel will explore the power of connection, community, and compassion to buoy us as we rise to our calling to serve and live fully during these times. In partnership with the Mind & Life Institute, join us for a conversation on emotional wellbeing in a time of crisis with Dekila Chungyalpa, Brother Phap Dung, Elissa Epel and Susan Bauer-Wu.

The ecological crisis isn’t a future threat. It is our present reality.

For thousands of years, Buddhist teachings have provided tools for awakening to the reality of what is—including life’s inherent impermanence, uncertainty, and suffering. How can the dharma help us to better understand and address the predicament we currently find ourselves in? What do Buddhist teachings and practices have to offer for helping us to live harmoniously—and be effective agents of change—in the face of catastrophe?

In honor of Earth Day 2022, Tricycle is bringing together leading Buddhist teachers, writers, and environmentalists for a donation-based weeklong virtual event series exploring what the dharma has to offer in a time of environmental crisis. This week’s events will explore three dimensions of the ecological crisis: the spiritual and psychological roots of the crisis, dealing with the difficult emotions that arise, and taking meaningful action.

This is a donation-based event sponsored by Tricycle. Learn more and register on the The Buddhism and Ecology Summit site.

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