The Preciousness of Our Relationships: New Year’s Eve at Deer Park Online

The Preciousness of our Relationships

Thay Phap Luu (Brother Stream) invites us to look deeply at our relationships with one another in 2020 as we make our aspiration for the year to come. Are we really as separate as we think we are?

The Dharma talk will be offered in English. To listen to the live translation in Vietnamese, you must watch the talk on Zoom at the link below.

The 90-day Rains Retreat at Deer Park Monastery, entitled “The Wisdom of Non-Discrimination”, from November 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021, is available to you as a free course on our Teachable platform. Register here.

We will live stream on both Zoom and YouTube. If you are able, please join us on Zoom so Br Phap Luu can see your smiling faces while offering the Dharma talk.

3pm Dharma Talk: Zoom | YouTube

4:30pm Walking Meditation and Burning of Our Aspirations: Zoom | YouTube

7:30pm New Year’s Eve Ceremony: Zoom | YouTube

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