US Tour 2023

Deer Park, Blue Cliff, Magnolia Grove

August 2 October 24 PDT

Deer Park Monastery, Blue Cliff Monastery, and Magnolia Grove Monastery will come together and offer a tour with monastics and lay practitioners in the Plum Village tradition. Retreats will take place at each of the three practice centers and potentially some beyond.

More details and dates will be posted when they become available. Here at Deer Park, we are likely to offer a Science and a Vietnamese retreat in October.

Deer Park Monastery
Magnolia Grove Monastery
Blue Cliff Monastery

18 responses to “US Tour 2023”

  1. Dear Brother Joy, will the Monastics be travelling to Practice Centers or Sanghas other than the 3 Plum Village monasteries?. I wondered if Sanghas in the Plum Village tradition may have the option of hosting our Monastic teachers in locations that don’t have a PV monastery. Thank you so much for your diligent communication.


  2. I don’t see retreats, day practices or workshops other than young people or families. Although i am age 80, I am quite active and would love to practice with the sangha. Any suggestions? Thank you.

    • We haven’t posted the retreats yet for later in the year. We will have one in October and December that are better suited for anyone. Also, any Sunday we are open or to our seasonal retreats (1-2 week stays) are also appropriate. Those dates will be posted soon too. We hope this helps.

  3. Hi Brother Joy. Much metta to you. Do you have any guestimates about the dates for the 90 day Rains Retreat this year?

  4. Hi Brother Joy,
    Do we have an idea of when the 2023 Tour retreat with Sr. Chan Khong will manifest at Deer Park? And if there will be an OI Ordination during that event?

  5. Can I register for just 2,3 weeks in that time length Aug 2 – Oct 24 . I have a job and can’t take that much time off. When can I begin to register ? Is that possible for me to take retreat at Magnolia Grove Monastery and Blue Cliff Monastery. I am in CA and visited the Deer Park Monastery few times.

    • Yes, we will have times for 1-2 week stays posted on the website soon. Unfortunately, the August dates might not yet be available. The sangha will be traveling in this time period so not sure how many dates will be available.

  6. Good morning Brother Joy,
    Is that possible to join the retreat the entire time, Aug 2 to Oct 24? Will we be able to travel with Monastics or travel to destination places separately?

    Do you guesstimate when more details will be posted? We are working fulltime so planning ahead is curial to us.

    Thank you.

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