Vesak Retreat

Please join us at this special retreat to celebrate the Manifestation Day (Vesak Day) of our Beloved Teacher, the Buddha Shakyamuni–the Fully Enlightened One, the one who found the wonderful path of compassion and understanding and shared it with all beings.

Around two thousand six hundred years ago, a Buddha known as Shakyamuni was a human being just as we are, but in him understanding and love were developed to a very high degree, and he became a fully awakened being. He was a beautiful and precious flower in the garden of humanity, an udumbara flower that blooms only once every three thousand years. He practiced the Way for countless lifetimes. He appeared on this Earth as a prince who left his royal palace to practice at the foot of the Bodhi Tree. He conquered illusion. When the morning star arose, he realized the great path of awakening and turned the Wheel of the Dharma.

With single-mindedness, all species aspire to experience the path free from birth.
With single-mindedness, all species will experience a path free from birth.

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