Zen Corners: A Day of Mindfulness

Solidity Garden Buddha statue

October 16, 2022 @ 9:00 am 1:30 pm PDT

This morning we will recite the Five Mindfulness Trainings and hold a session of Questions and Answers with Sr. Túc Nghiêm, Br. Man Tuệ, Br. Pháp Nhỉ, and Sr. Phú Nghiêm. In Vietnamese and English.

Children’s Program: Families can drop off their young ones between the ages 6 and 12 after walking meditation in front of the Big Meditation Hall and pick them up before lunch. Register your child here.

Important Information

Please register by 8 AM on the day of the event. If you need to cancel, please login again on this page and indicate you are not attending.

We ask that all guests please observe our dress code: out of respect for our monastic brothers and sisters, please wear sleeves that cover the shoulders (short sleeves are acceptable), shirts that cover the midriff, and long pants or long skirts that are loose-fitting and cover the knees at all times. Please do not wear shorts, tank tops, nor tight-fitting clothing. We kindly ask friends to dress modestly for the duration of their time with us and to share this information with anyone attending the event with you. 

There is no cost incurred for participation in the Day of Mindfulness, but a donation is greatly appreciated to keep the monastery open and able to receive guests. You will find donation boxes in the meditation and dining halls or you can donate online.

Scheduled events occur rain or shine.


8:00 AM – 10:00 AM – Gate open to receive registered visitors

9:00 AM – Walking Meditation

10:15 AM – Dharma Talk (also available as a livestream)

11:30 AM – Ceremony to Recite the Five Mindfulness Trainings

12:30 PM – Vegetarian Lunch

2:00 PM – Day of Mindfulness concludes

Free Donations welcome in the Mediation and Dining Halls.
2499 Melru Lane
Escondido, CA 92026 United States
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6 responses to “Zen Corners: A Day of Mindfulness”

  1. I would so look forward to coming to the monastery on a Sunday, but I cannot attend on October 16. Will there be other dates in the future I could register for?

    • Yes, we will have a day of mindfulness every Sunday through the middle of December. Registration for each begins 12 days before the date. Tuesdays. 😀

  2. Dear Brother Joy,
    I would much look forward to coming for A Day of Mindfulness next week Oct 16. However, when I clicked on the registration link, no spots were left. Could you please open exceptional spots for me this time, as I will only stay in California areas until the end of the month. I have been practicing Thay’s teaching in Plum Village France / several places in Asia. Thank you so much for the help!
    Breathing in – out,

    • Although the day is full at this time, we definitely will have more spots open up on the Friday and Saturday just before the day of mindfulness. Typically in the afternoon of Friday and throughout the day on Saturday as people cancel. If you can’t secure one of those spots, please write back and we can see what’s possible for you to join us

  3. Hi Brother Joy, I checked back, and the registration for this weekend is still full, unfortunately. Can you please kindly open 2 exceptional spots this time? I also want to register for one-night stay for Saturday if that is possible. Thank you so much,

    • We have nine spots available right now, so please go and register.

      Unfortunately, we do not allow overnight guests on Saturday.

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