Novice Ordination Ceremony at Deer Park – Sunday, September 9, 2018

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Dear Friends, Sunday September 9, is a special day for the community here at Deer Park Monastery. During this year we have had a group of friends training as monastic aspirants in Clarity and Solidity Hamlet respectively. It is time for them to receive the 10 novice precepts, shave their heads and start wearing the brown monastic robes. The name for this monastic family ordination is Cleveland Sage (our community lovingly refers to it as Sweet Sage).

The schedule for this day will be different from a regular Day of Mindfulness. We will not offer any introductory talk on the practice of mindfulness. The regular Days of Mindfulness program will resume on Sunday, September 16. 

The day is open for you to come to support the ordination as well as understand our monastic community better. Please make sure to come early so you can arrive to the hall and settle in before the ceremony begins.


9:30AM Ordination Ceremony will start in the Ocean of Peace Meditation Hall 
  Break for personal walking mediation
12:30PM Celebratory Lunch with sharing in the Ocean of Peace Meditation Hall

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