Viet Wake Up North American Tour 2019

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Dharma talks by Sr. D during the Viet Wake Up North American Tour 2019

“True Love True Happiness – Video”

“True Love True Happiness – Audio”

“Beginning Anew As the Way Out – Audio”

Viet Wake Up North American Tour 2019

This year, Viet Wake Up Tour 2019 will be held during Summer break in the following cities:

1. Miami, FL: May 30 – June 2
2. Dallas, TX: June 6-9
3. Chicago, IL: June 13-16
4. Seattle, WA: June 23-26

This Viet Wake Up Teaching Tour will be conducted by a team of 8 monks and nuns from Plum Village Practice Centers around the world. As students of Zen Master Thích Nhất Hạnh, these monastics had grown up, been educated and worked as professionals, and then decided to dedicate their lives in the spiritual path. They will travel to Miami, Dallas, Chicago and Seattle to share with the Vietnamese young adults about their spiritual life and about how the mindfulness practice has helped them to live more deeply and meaningfully and to face challenges and difficulties with calmness, peace, and equanimity.

Summer Camps and activities are designed for young people ages 17-38 with Vietnamese roots who have grown up in the West. All activities will be conducted in English and all events are aimed to benefit you in the following ways:

1. Learn a new face of Buddhist practice that is more enjoyable, effective and applicable in daily life

2. Reflect and dialogue together with young Vietnamese friends on common issues such as career aspirations, cultural identity, meaningful relationships, family duty, management of strong feelings and emotions, etc.

3. Acquire methods of practice that can help us:

a. Stop running and enjoy life even in the midst of it all

b. Listen to, relax and care for our bodies

c. Calm our minds and handle difficult emotions such as anger, sadness, and jealousy, etc.

d. Listen more deeply and speak more lovingly

e. Reconcile and re-establish communication with our loved ones and co-workers

f. Be more comfortable with ourselves and accept who we are

Please join us this Summer for a fun, healthy, sane, and meaningful experience. Spaces are limited. To reserve your space, please register soon. For more information or to register, please visit

Please help us spread the words by forwarding this email to your friends and family members and/or posting the Viet Wake Up tour poster on your facebook, twitter, or at any appropriate spaces such at temples, coffee shops, markets, or Vietnamese youth groups.

Thank you and we hope to see you this Summer at a Viet Wake Up Summer Camp!

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