Retreat Staff Application

the buddha the scientist retreat staff program: September 22 to october 2, 2023 – application now available (below)!

Before, during, and after the retreat, we need additional help, so we are inviting mindfulness practitioners who have already attended a 7-day retreat (or longer) at Deer Park Monastery to apply for the staff program. We ask that the 7-day retreat be completed at least one month prior to your application for staff.

We ask that applicants apply a minimum of two weeks prior to the staff program. Additionally, it is preferable if staff applicants have officially received a transmission of the Five Mindfulness Trainings.

For the Family Retreat staff program, we ask that staff members are not the sole parent or guardian responsible for a child or teen attending the Family Retreat. For the Teen Camp, we ask that staff members are not parents, stepparents, or guardians of a teen attending camp.
During this period of time, you are asked to set aside other responsibilities to be fully present for the staff program. There is no partial staff period and/or coming and going from the monastery during your designated staff program dates. Staff applicants pay a minimum $25.00 non-refundable application fee (unless your application is declined). There is now an option to contribute more financially to support the retreat.

Please be aware that many of the tasks that staff members help us with involve physical work. Serving on the staff team is often a rewarding and fulfilling experience, working together in joy and community. Here are some of the qualities we are looking for in staff members:

  • Ability to speak basic English
  • Being in good physical and mental health
  • Ability to listen deeply to others and be open to the ideas of others
  • Being mindful and keeping calm even in difficult situations
  • Working well on a team
  • Capable of guiding a group in work
  • Responsible, diligent, and thorough in your work
  • Creative and energetic

In addition, we are looking for people with first aid experience or a medical background. Please mention any such background that you have in your application with the understanding that experience in this field is not a requirement to serve as staff.
All staff members are asked to follow the retreat schedule and/or their work assignment schedule. The day typically begins at 5:00 AM and ends at 9:30 PM with a rest period in between.
Staff may be asked to coordinate and lead family groups in their assigned work. Examples of work assignments include kitchen duties, pot-washing, dining hall cleaning, meditation hall set-up, restroom responsibilities, and compost, trash and recycling. There will be regular staff meetings with monastic staff leaders to learn from each other and nourish harmony within the retreat.
Thank you for your aspiration to help bring joy and peace to many people in the retreat.