Mindfulness of Painting

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“The environment, the sights, and the sounds of the monastery begin to work in you for healing and transformation, even before you listen to any teaching” – Thich Nhat Hanh in Living Buddha, Living Christ.


Dorm room with a fresh coat of paint.


Working meditation is a very happy practice. A good example of mindful work can be seen in Solidity Hamlet as the dorm rooms are transformed into colorful beacons of rest and relaxation for retreatants. Sangha members Ron, Jack, Konrad, and Carl with help from other Sangha members are mindfully engaging in the maintenance and care of the dorm rooms by giving them a fresh coat of paint and even sewing new curtains for the rooms! Ron says “Repairing and painting the guests dorms and sewing new curtains has proven to be a joyful source for our sangha brothers and sisters to grow closer together in joy and love; for which we are grateful.”


“Offering practical service to our beloved Deer Park Sangha is a privilege” -Ron


Thank you for your dedication and hard work Mr. Jack French!


“Is there a way to work in a meditative mood? The answer is clearly yes. We practice mindfulness of cleaning, cooking, and sweeping. When we work this way, we touch the ultimate dimension of reality. It is crucial to be with a Sangha where everyone practices together” – Thich Nhat Hanh


“It is crucial to be with a Sangha where everyone practices together”


When practicing working meditation, we stay mindful of our breathing and the activity that we are doing. We can practice stopping, calming, and refreshing ourselves with our conscious breathing. We can relax and smile at our co-workers and pace ourselves to maintain a light and serene state of being. We speak when necessary and only about the work at hand and maintain a light and easy feeling as we work. An environment that is quiet can make the work more pleasant and enjoyable.


“When you practice with others it is much easier to obtain stability, joy, and freedom”


“When we gather together to form a Sangha, we practice opening up the confines of our separate self and become a large body of love and understanding. We can help build and improve the Sangha by practicing mindfully, step by step, encouraging each other”
-Thich Nhat Hanh

We look forward to sharing our newly remodeled dorm rooms with our beloved Sangha community during upcoming retreats!


Dorm rooms with a fresh coat of paint and new curtains


May all beings be free

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