Right Livelihood: Facility manager position

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Deer Park Monastery, Solidity Hamlet monks are now looking to hire a facility manager to help with the following responsibilities:

Admin support

  • Contact with Fire & Sheriff Department
  • Contact with County about building permits and master plan
  • Contact with neighbors about property and path issues
  • Make sure Deer Park is up to state and federal codes (health, fire, etc.) and maintain clear and consistent records for authorities.

Facility Manager

  • Oversee immediate and long term facility needs, including clear descriptions of current and upcoming projects, with budgets, etc.
  • Be in contact with contractors (plumbers, electricians, etc.) and get bids to bring to Sangha for decisions
  • Do hands-on work to maintain the facilities of Solidity Hamlet (bathrooms, air conditioning units, rooms, solar panels, water, electric, gas, kitchen, refrigeration, simple plumbing, carpentry, trail maintenance, landscaping, tree maintenance)

This is a full-time position (32.5 hrs/week) which includes health benefits and at least 2 weeks vacation per year. Compensation is negotiable and relative to skillset. If you are interested please submit your résumé and letter of intent to jobs@deerparkmonastery.org.

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