Children’s Program at Deer Park Monastery

Translation / Dịch : Inglés Vietnamita

Thank you to the many parents who expressed interest in our children’s program. We are happy to announce that we will host the children’s program on June 2 of 2019. Please click here for more details.

The program is for children 6-12 years old. Children will learn basic mindfulness practices from monastic and lay program facilitators. They will also participate in other fun activities such as hiking, playing games, and doing crafts. There may be snacks, so please let the program facilitators know if your child has food allergies.

To participate, at the conclusion of the walking meditation please drop your child(ren) off at the yellow star sign outside of the big meditation hall. Our program facilitators will meet them there and take them to their designated activity. At 12:30 PM, which is our lunchtime, please pick your child(ren) up at the Solidity Hamlet Dining Hall.

Children’s program dates for the second half of 2019 will be announced later in the year.

Kids on the Red Deck

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