Earth Holder Retreat Returns

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We are very happy to let you know that we will host another Earth Holder Retreat Feb 26 – Mar 1, 2020. In 2014 we offered a weekend retreat and in 2016 a four day retreat, for us as a community to come back to ourselves and the Earth, for nourishment and healing to take place. We have also had special sessions for us to learn and grow in our way of living on the Earth as well as to find skillful ways to contribute to lessening environmental destruction, and lessen or stop our individual and collective contribution to catastrophic climate change. 

Registration for the retreat has now started!

Greetings from the monastic organizing team, please join us for the retreat!

Our Teacher Thich Nhat Hanh’s books: The World We Have, and Love Letter to the Earth, both published by Parallax Press, are the foundation for this retreat and our Earth Holder initiative. To learn more about this initiative please visit Earth Holder Community.

Here is a video capturing the spirit of the Earth Holder Retreat, For a Future to be Possible in 2016. 

Here is our retreat poster! If you want we would be happy for you to share this with friends and post where many can see it. 

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