Peace Hike in the Hidden Mountain

December 4, 2022 @ 8:00 am 2:00 pm PST

With more young people inspired to ordain and continue our monastic tradition, the monks’ residence has reached capacity, and we need your help to build a new building in 2023. This is a happy moment: with a flourishing resident monastic community, Deer Park can continue to be a refuge for thousands of practitioners who come every year for retreats and Days of Mindfulness.

In this spirit of community building, on December 4 we will enjoy mindfully hiking on our monastery’s beautiful land to support the monks’ new residence. We are very fortunate to have many beautiful hiking trails in and around the monastery, and are delighted to walk the hidden mountain as a community and explore the wilderness surrounding Deer Park.

We will have multiple hiking groups, adapted to different levels of ability and energy. If hiking is not accessible to you, we encourage you to come for the day and enjoy tea and music. Vegetarian lunch will be provided for all.

Please arrive on time to depart on the hike together. Bring water bottles, comfortable shoes, and clothing suitable for the day’s weather.

Scheduled events occur rain or shine.

8:00am Check-in
9:30am Hikes begin
11:30am Refreshments and music
12:30pm Vegetarian lunch

Get Involved: Organize your Sangha to Join In-person and Online: Join the monks online next Friday, November 18th at 5PM PST/ 8PM EST to learn about organizing your Sanghas and loved ones to support our Peace Hike effort. We will explore both how local Sanghas can support the hike on the Deer Park land, as well as how Sanghas in other parts of the country can join the effort by organizing peace walks in your area.
$20 – $500

18 responses to “Peace Hike in the Hidden Mountain”

  1. I did a donation amount and that went through OK, but then when I found out we could attend in person as well, I tried to register for two for the hike and I received an error message saying that there was a required field that had not been filled in. I went back and checked and everything was filled in for both of us. When trying to submit a second time it takes me back to the main page. I’m not sure if the registration for the hike or two went through or not.

    • Thank you Terri for the support. It looks like the donation did go through correctly (as not all the address fields are required) but the registration did not. In looking at the donation record, I see the State field is empty. Can you double-check that you have CA listed in that field and try again?

    • Hi I’m trying to register for the hike this coming Sunday. When I fill in all the information it keeps asking about the state which I already had typed in but would not let me go to the next page to register and make my donation. Can I pay directly when I get there on Sunday ?

      • A strange error message. Are you just registering one person? And yes, you can pay and register when you arrive on Sunday.

  2. What are the three distance levels you are offering? I’m joining with my son at a distance and would like to choose a similar distance as those walking together in person!

  3. Someone else can take my in-person spot on the Peace Hike. I did not get the day off from work 🙁
    Happy hiking trails 🙂

    • Hi there!

      My husband and I are interested in joining the Peace Hike tomorrow. Would it be possible to sign up still? Or take someone’s spot if two become available? Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you! 🙂


  4. I want to attend the Peace Hike but I see that tickets here are sold out. I am just one person, may I still purchase ticket somehow?

  5. Hello, I tried asking around and posting in the rideshare page (link to it is at the top of the “Getting Here” page) asking for a ride to this from San Diego and got no response. Is anyone going from San Diego who could take me up with them? I am located between Clairemont and Pacific Beach areas. If we stop at an ATM either going there or on the way back I am happy to chip in for gas if necessary.
    If no one responds in time I will delete this comment.

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