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Thich Nhat Hanh and practicing in the Plum Village Tradition

We openly and warmly welcome the diversity of your experience to this place of refuge and healing – wherever you come from, however you look or identify, whomever you love.

Monks and lay friends on Escondido Rock

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Scholarships for Retreats

A limited number of scholarships are available through a grant we have received from the Hemera Foundation. To learn more and apply, visit the grant information page.

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Rains Retreat
  • The US Tour at Blue Cliff Monastery (Photo Gallery)
    Last month, the monastics of Magnolia Grove Monastery, Deer Park Monastery, and Blue Cliff Monastery gathered together in New York for two special retreats. The … Read more
  • The Science of Mindfulness
    We’ve all heard that mindful breathing can reduce stress and positively affect our health and mental wellness. Sister Đẳng Nghiêm, a former physician, has reminded … Read more
  • Incredible Gift
    by Anna Gerner Deer Park has had a transformative impact on my life, leading to growth, healing, and change. Despite initially feeling hopeless about my … Read more
  • The Redwood Sutra
    Thus have I heard one time when the Venerable Mṛgāvataṃsakā was residing in the redwoods by the banks of the Smith River, California. After eating … Read more
  • An Earth Peace Treaty
    This sheet offers a number of steps we can take to reduce the impact of our ecological footprint. Please look over this and, if you … Read more
  • Communing with Redwoods
    by Sister Hướng Nghiêm In June, the Deer Park monastic sangha visited the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. Here I share some of my experiences … Read more
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Monastery Closed

From August to mid-October, the Deer Park monastics will be participating in the Monastic Teaching Tour. As a result, the monastery is closed and will not hold any public Day … Read more

Thich Nhat Hanh Calligraphy & Art Auction

We are happy to announce that the Brushes of Enlightenment calligraphy & art auction to support Deer Park Monastery. This auction is being held to raise funds to build a … Read more

Toyon Family Novice Ordination

Hybrid Hybrid Event

Today we will open the monastery for the novice ordination ceremony. Six aspirants who have been practicing and training in Deer Park Monastery will become novice monks and nuns. The ceremony will be offered in-person and online. If you are coming in person, please complete the RSVP below. Important Information Please register by 8 AM […]


Hội vui

Khóa tu Tiếng Việt 2023 tại Tu Viện Lộc UyểnChủ đề:“Hội vui” Thư ngỏ  Kính thưa quý đạo hữu khắp xa gần! “Thắp lên ngọn đèn mới Ngọn đèn sẵn … Read more

454: How to Stop, Rest, and Heal Deer Park Dharmacast

A Dharma talk with Br. Man Tue from the Ocean of Peace Meditation Hall at Deer Park Monastery during our Day of Mindfulness, Sunday, July 23, 2023. Our theme is how to stop, rest, and heal. 
  1. 454: How to Stop, Rest, and Heal
  2. 453: Understanding Our Impulses
  3. Moments of Suffering
  4. Anxiety and Coming Back to the Present Moment
  5. How can I let go of attachment to worldly love?