Established by Zen Master
Thich Nhat Hanh and practicing in the Plum Village Tradition

We openly and warmly welcome the diversity of your experience to this place of refuge and healing – wherever you come from, however you look or identify, whomever you love.


Scholarships for Retreats

A limited number of scholarships are available through a grant we have received from the Hemera Foundation. To learn more and apply, visit the grant information page.

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In addition to the events below, we may also have 1-2 weeks seasonal retreats available for registration.


Day of Mindfulness

We welcome you to join us for this day of practice. We will participate in walking meditation, listen to a Dharma talk by Sister Tuyết Nghiêm (in Vietnamese with English […]

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Day of Mindfulness: CANCELLED

Our sincere apologies for the confusion and to all of our friends who already registered to attend the Day of Mindfulness (DOM) we were originally planning to host on Sunday […]

Peace Walk

Join us for a collective walk in peace and silence with the monastics of Deer Park Monastery in downtown Los Angeles. In the spirit of our teacher, Zen Master Thich […]

Family Retreat 2024

Our very popular annual retreat for families to join monastics and other practitioners in the Plum Village tradition. We know many of you love and value the annual Family Retreat […]

Closed: No Day of Mindfulness

There will be no day of mindfulness on Sunday June 30. Our next Day of Mindfulness will be held on Sunday July 21, 2024.

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454: How to Stop, Rest, and Heal Deer Park Dharmacast

A Dharma talk with Br. Man Tue from the Ocean of Peace Meditation Hall at Deer Park Monastery during our Day of Mindfulness, Sunday, July 23, 2023. Our theme is how to stop, rest, and heal. 
  1. 454: How to Stop, Rest, and Heal
  2. 453: Understanding Our Impulses
  3. Moments of Suffering
  4. Anxiety and Coming Back to the Present Moment
  5. How can I let go of attachment to worldly love?