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End of Winter Retreat Offering

Dear Friends of Deer Park, As you may know, the Winter Retreat at Deer Park Monastery is coming to an end on Sunday, February 25, 2018. For more than 2,500 years, this retreat has been an occasion for the lay and monastic practitioners to benefit from each others’ presence and to deepen their practice of mindfulness, […]

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Tết (Lunar New Year) at Deer Park

The lunar new year season will soon arrive at Deer Park. We celebrate this season with peace and harmony. We will be present for each other, share our joy, our happiness, our ease in the new year. By practicing mindful breathing, walking, and smiling, we are able to be aware of the miracles within and […]

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Marketing Director Job Opening at Parallax Press

            Parallax Press is a thriving independent non-profit publisher in the San Francisco Bay Area, founded and inspired by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. We offer a work environment that is participative, flexible, energizing, and creative. We have over 100 books in print, publish 20-30 new titles per year, and […]

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2018 Retreat Program

We are happy to announce the program of our major retreats in 2018. We hope that many of you from around the world will be able to join our community to experience the art of mindful living. A significant change for the coming year is the annual 90-Day is much earlier and this allows for […]

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A new season of Days of Mindfulness

Starting Sunday, November 26, our gathering space for walking meditation will change. As you arrive to our main parking lot, please enjoy your steps up the paved road. Our day of mindfulness can begin as we make our first step at Deer Park, allowing our body to relax, bringing our attention to our feet, letting […]

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Mindfulness of Painting

“The environment, the sights, and the sounds of the monastery begin to work in you for healing and transformation, even before you listen to any teaching” – Thich Nhat Hanh in Living Buddha, Living Christ.   Dorm room with a fresh coat of paint.   Working meditation is a very happy practice. A good example […]

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The Eight Movement Shaolin Qigong BaDuanJin with Thich Man Tue

Buddhist philosophy believes Qigong allows access to higher realms of awareness, awakening a person’s true nature. Qigong means “Life Energy Cultivation” and the BaDuanJin form is primarily designated as medical Qigong meant to improve health. By being aware of our breath and our movements, it is possible to feel at ease, even after only a […]

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Community Work Days – Saturday September 2, last chance

For the last two Saturdays we have had many generous friends coming out to offer their joy, time and energy. We have laughed together, sweated in the sun, enjoyed refreshments and stopped to breathe. Thank you! We will have one last work day on September 2, when we will all help out in cleaning dorms, […]

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Benedict Cumberbatch narrates film featuring Thich Nhat Hanh

This August marks the premiere of Walk With Me in the U.S. Narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch, British actor and 2015 Oscar’s best actor nominee for his performance in The Imitation Game; Walk With Me is a cinematic journey into the world of Plum Village, communities of practitioners who perfect the art of mindful living with the Vietnamese […]

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Community & Friendship’s Delight

Here is a video collage of friends sharing on the topic of community. This video was recorded at Deer Park Monastery during our recent retreat for members and aspirants to the Order of Interbeing, Turning Outward with Inward Stability. David Nelson filmed and edited this 7 minute video. These are Davids words: A diverse collection of […]

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