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Ask A Dharma Teacher: Fearing Death

Dear Teacher, Hello. I stayed with your monastery several years ago. I have a question and thought it’d be good to ask a group of people who meditate so often. […]

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Belonging to Sanghas

I’m writing this letter from a snowy, cold, and cloudy day in New Hampshire. I’m about to make lunch, drive to vote in the primary election, buy groceries, then go […]

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Appreciating Beauty on a Lazy Morning

I opened my eyes a few seconds before 5 am, just before my alarm went off. It had been a few days, and I guess my body and mind had […]

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What is the Great Precepts Ordination Ceremony?

Deer Park Monastery hosted the worldwide Great Precepts Transmission Ceremony (Đại Giới Đàn in Vietnamese) in the Plum Village Tradition from October 1-4, 2021. The theme chosen for the ceremony was […]

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Barefoot Dharma

Brother Pháp Lý is the kind of person who prefers to hug you the first time he meets you. I had heard about him before he arrived: his buoyant personality, […]

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Go to the Other Shore: A Photo Journey

The theme for the Đại Giới Đàn, or Great Precepts Transmission Ceremony is Go to the Other Shore. This is only the second time this ceremony has taken place at […]

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Novices Recite Precepts with the New Stepping Into Freedom

Thanks to Parallax Press, Sister Chan Duc and the Plum Village Editorial Team, the novices in Deer Park Monastery—many of whom are about to receive the bhikshu, bhikshuni and shramanerika […]

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Monastic Retreat at Deer Park 2021

The monastic centers of Deer Park, Magnolia Grove, and Blue Cliff gather together for a monastic retreat. Enjoy these photos.

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Journey through the West, Part 2

Here we continue the diary from Brothers Gem, Earth, and Freedom as they journey with joy and siblinghood across western United States. If you missed part one, you can go […]

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Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan Household

Dear Teacher, I have a question. I try to not contribute to the suffering of living beings. I’ve been vegan for 21 years. I live with my boyfriend who’s been […]

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