Climbing Together The Hill Of The Century

Respected Venerables, Brothers, sisters and friends,

In this moment, each one of us is embracing the loss of Thầy in our own unique way.

To us, his disciples, Thầy is a teacher whom we dearly love, respect and always take refuge in. Even those of us who have been by Thầy’s side for many years, we still feel like a child—a young, innocent and often unskilful novice. In more than 60 years of practising and teaching the Dharma, at key moments, Thầy would usually write a letter or a poem to encourage or support his disciples. In this solemn and sacred moment of the cremation ceremony, our wish is to receive such a letter from Thầy.

While preparing for Thầy’s funeral, we read through the old letters Thầy had written, full of love and care for his disciples. Throughout his whole life, Thầy never stopped transmitting the Dharma. These Dharma gems are as majestic as jeweled mountains, and deep and wondrous as the vast

In 2020, on the occasion of commemorating our ancestral teacher Master Nhat Dinh, we asked Thầy for permission to select some gems from his old letters and compose one just like the ones he used to write to us in the past 60 years.

May this letter – a garland of Dharma gems- be a torch that shines and help us overcome our most difficult times.

Today, when our collective consciousness and the sacred flame of the Cremation ceremony are infused in the realm of no birth and no death, we humbly ask the Most Respected Venerables, our brothers and sisters and friends from all over the world, to allow us to offer Thầy this garland of gems – a letter to all his disciples, his continuation.

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  1. With inexpressible gratitude for sharing the funeral and ceremonial gathering with us who love Thay so much, I take refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha.

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