Earth Holder Retreat in Minnesota, Aug 22-26 with Deer Park Monastics

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In addition to hosting Special Retreats (like Family, Teen and Holiday Retreats), Deer Park also hosts Seasonal Retreats when friends participate in the daily schedule of the residential community. Monastics of the community also help lead workshops, days and retreats around the US. This coming August we will have monastics leading practice in Alaska, Oregon, Utah and Minnesota.

In Minnesota a 5 day Earth Holder Retreat will be held at Camp Courage, about  1 hour from Minneapolis, with the theme: Go as a River: Peacefully Breathing and Joyfully Walking Through Times of Great Change. This is the 3 Earth Holder Retreat in the US. For more information about this retreat and the Earth Holder movement you can visit their website. 

Recently an article about the Earth Holders were posted on the Plum Village website:

Here is an excerpt about the Earth Holder Retreat last year in New Mexico:

The schedule included sessions of basic mindfulness meditation, Dharma talks, sharing groups, as well as workshops on Trauma Resilience, Nature Walk, Earth Holder Community building etc. The monastic and lay organizers worked beautifully together, fueled by our care for the earth and all her children. 

The strength of our community in relation to climate crisis is to contribute in a way that:
• we engage in love, not fear,
• we engage in togetherness, not in separation, and
• we engage diligently and aimlessly.

Mindfulness of breathing and walking, loving speech, and deep listening are powerful sources of refuge and energy in this practice and engagement.


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