Memorial Weekend Retreat: We Have a Path

Memorial Weekend Retreat: We Have a Path

March 11 March 13 PST

We hope you are well and happy enough wherever you may be. Here in Deer Park Monastery, we just finished the day where we welcomed our Teacher’s ashes back to the monastery from Vietnam. It was a beautiful ceremony with many auspicious moments offered by Mother Earth and Father Sky, with some blessing hail, caressing light rain and some magical sunshine, clouds and rainbows. Truly our Teacher was present with us for sure. Many of our local Sangha friends came to offer their love and support to the monastic Sangha and to each other. It was truly a heartfelt reunion with no separation.

The 49th Day is an important event in the Vietnamese tradition to commemorate our beloved 49 days after Thay’s transition. The 49th Day Memorial Weekend Retreat is for practitioners to come practice, support and honor our Teacher’s life and love; it is open to the public.

2499 Melru Lane
Escondido, CA 92026 United States
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25 responses to “Memorial Weekend Retreat: We Have a Path”

  1. I am from Thảnh Thơi Sangha in Seattle, WA. I would love to join this retreat to honor Sư Ông! Looking forward for more details on this retreat.

  2. How do we register to attend the retreat activities on Zoom? Particularly, will the 49th Day Ceremony be live streamed on Zoom?

    • Hello Sheila. At this moment in time we don’t have the schedule for that weekend so there has not been any online sessions set up. Once we have the schedule then we will post the portions that will be live streamed. Thank you for your patience.

  3. Hello Brother Joy, I’m considering coming on March 11-13. I live in my van and wonder if I can stay in my van in the campground or wherever possible.Thank you, Tabi

  4. Hello , I have completed the registration forms , but i cannot find the Pay Pal button to make the payment. Please advise . Thank you

  5. Hello brother 🙏We live in Florida and would love the information to live stream via zoom. Zoom is a lotus flower born from the mud of the pandemic. It’s so beautiful to be able to share around the world via zoom.

    With kindness and gratitude 🌸🙏

  6. Good mornng. I know that your celebration for the 49th day was beautiful and meaningful and that today is an auspicious time to rest and reflect. I was not able to register for this event online and am wondering whether there will be opportunities to see it afterwords online, somehow.

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