A Free White Cloud: A Day of Mindfulness

August 14, 2022 @ 9:00 am 2:00 pm PDT

This week our Dharma talk will be offered by Thay Phap Luu and the talk will be in English with translation to Vietnamese.

Important Information

Please register by 8 AM on the day of the event. If you need to cancel, please login again on this page and indicate you are not attending.

We ask that all guests please observe our dress code: out of respect for our monastic brothers and sisters, please wear sleeves that cover the shoulders (short sleeves are acceptable), shirts that cover the midriff, and long pants or long skirts that are loose-fitting and cover the knees at all times. Please do not wear shorts, tank tops, nor tight-fitting clothing. We kindly ask friends to dress modestly for the duration of their time with us and to share this information with anyone attending the event with you. 

There is no cost incurred for participation in the Day of Mindfulness, but a donation is greatly appreciated to keep the monastery open and able to receive guests. You will find donation boxes in the meditation and dining halls or you can donate online.

Scheduled events occur rain or shine.

Free Donation boxes in Meditation and Dining Halls
2499 Melru Lane
Escondido, CA 92026 United States
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37 responses to “A Free White Cloud: A Day of Mindfulness”

  1. Dear Brother Joy,

    We would like to participate in A free White Cloud: A day of Mindfulness on August 14. I know that the registration will be posted toward end of July. I would like to have my son’s family join in with me on the day. He will go with his wife and my little grandson who is 3.5 years old. I would like to ask if our family will be accepted.

    Your time greatly appreciated.

    Hanh Le
    (My Buddha’s name is Nhu Phuc)

    • Hello Hanh,
      We are happy you wish to visit us for a Day of Mindfulness. At this time, every person will need to be vaccinated for COVID. Fortunately, vaccines are available for all ages now and children are most welcome.

  2. Hey Brother Joy is registration now open for this event? I noticed the description changed to say there’s registration at the bottom of the page but i can’t find the actual registration. thank you!

    • We haven’t opened registration for this yet as some details and being worked out. I hope to be able to post it on Tuesday.

  3. Three or maybe even 4 of us would like to join this August 14 event. Look forward to registration. Susan Schultz

  4. Hello, I have been trying to register for a Day of Mindfulness since it opened again during COVID. I started checking monthly then weekly with no luck. This event opened registration a few days ago and it shows on the calendar that there is space remaining but when I open it to register it says it is full. Do you have any advice to be able to register please?

    • Because of shifting circumstances here, we limited the first release to 100 spots. We will likely add more spots when we get closer to the date. Possibly on Tuesday.

  5. Will more spaces be added or is it capped at 100? Would like to attend, possible with a friend. 🙏

  6. What’s the best way for us to know if more slots are open like you mentioned above? Checking back every few hours seems the only option?

    • I wouldn’t check every few hours. More spots will be available on Tuesday at 9am and then again on Friday & Saturday preceding August 12.

  7. Hi Brother Joy…I’ve been waiting for registration to be open for this and the Retreat on the 31st. I checked each day except Thurs & Friday since I was caring for a friend and now I see it’s full for both. How can I reach someone to talk to? When you say spots will open at 9am, I’m assuming that’s PT?

  8. Hello Brother Joy, I have some hearing impairment and have found it most beneficial to hear the Dharma talks presented in Vietnamese so that I can listen to the English translation through headphones. Unfortunately when I reserve a spot it has not yet been determined in which language the talk will be presented. That information seems to appear as the date nears. I don’t like to reserve a spot and then cancel but so far that has seemed like my best option. That works out fine for me but if you have any suggestions I would appreciate hearing them. Thank you Brother Joy for your consideration.

    • I understand. And will make a greater effort to include on the website. And sometimes we just don’t know. For instance, this particular date we don’t know who is giving the talk yet. But as soon as I know then I will post.

    • The only additional availability will show on Friday and/or Saturday preceding the event as people cancel.

    • We don’t have a waitlist but we will release more spots on the Friday and Saturday preceding the event as people cancel.

  9. Hello. I was interested in this and was wondering if there is an age limit? I do have a daughter that is 5 years old and was not sure if this would be appropriate for her. Thank you!

    • All ages are welcome. The dharma talk could be difficult for a young child but you can usually sit outside and enjoy the talk as much as possible.

  10. Hello Brother Joy,

    I am seeing now that 2 spaces are available for this event today and would love to attend. It is 10:20am so it is past the 8am registration request. Is it possible to still attend or should I await potential openings for future Dharma talks and events?

    With gratitude,

    Jack Stephan

  11. That’s okay and quite understandable. I look forward to attending in person in the future, but very much enjoyed the live stream of the Dharma talk.

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