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Climate Action Mindfulness Retreat in New Hampshire

April 18 April 21


Climate Action Mindfulness Retreat:
Restoring True Health for Ourselves and Our Planet

Greenfield, New Hampshire

April 18 – 21, 2024

In these critical times, when our planet faces unprecedented challenges, we believe that cultivating mindfulness is essential for sustaining both our inner well-being and our commitment to transforming the state of our world.

The Climate Action Mindfulness Retreat will focus on guiding participants in navigating difficult emotions that often accompany the profound work of climate activism. Through the teachings of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and practices of the Plum Village tradition, our intention is to support attendees’ mindfulness practices that not only fortify their resolve to address the planetary crisis but also nurture their personal well-being and happiness.

Retreat Location

The retreat will take place at a serene Camp and Conference Center in Greenfield, New Hampshire, about 70 miles South of Hanover, New Hampshire, and 80 miles NW of Boston.

This peaceful setting provides a space for activists, students, teachers, administrators, and anyone deeply concerned about the climate crisis – to come together and learn the art of mindfulness.

The retreat offers a unique opportunity to explore the intersection of mindfulness and climate action, providing practical tools for staying grounded and compassionate amid the challenges we face. Our intention is to create a space where individuals can connect, share experiences, and strengthen their inner resilience for the journey ahead.

The Practice

These are some of the practices that we will engage in during this retreat:

  • Live Dharma talks, panel sharings, presentations & question and response session offered by monastics
  • Sitting meditation together
  • Outdoor walking meditation 
  • Mindful meals in silence – taking the time to truly enjoy the food and the company of other practitioners 
  • Dharma Sharing in small groups – practicing loving speech and deep listening, sharing our experiences with the mindfulness practice. 
  • Deep Relaxation – learning how to rest and relax our body and our mind
  • Mindful Service – working together in harmony and with ease
  • Noble Silence – observed from after the evening activity until after washing up for breakfast


Accommodations and Cost:

  • Shared room (with 5-8 bunk beds per room) : $480-$960 (total cost for 3-nights)

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