CANCELED: Falling In Love With Mother Earth Retreat

March 9 March 13 PST

Dear Friends,

We hope you are well and happy enough wherever you may be. Here in Deer Park Monastery, we just finished the day where we welcomed our Teacher’s ashes back to the monastery from Vietnam. It was a beautiful ceremony with many auspicious moments offered by Mother Earth and Father Sky, with some blessing hail, caressing light rain and some magical sunshine, clouds and rainbows. Truly our Teacher was present with us for sure. Many of our local Sangha friends came to offer their love and support to the monastic Sangha and to each other. It was truly a heartfelt reunion with no separation.

We write to share some changes to the upcoming retreat, Falling in Love with Mother Earth, March 9-13th, that will undoubtedly affect your plans. The retreat is canceled due to schedule conflicts with our unexpected Memorial Services for our Beloved Teacher that will also happen during that same weekend, March 11-13th. It is an important event in the Vietnamese tradition to commemorate our beloved 49 days after the transition. We especially want to ask for your understanding that we were not able to make this decision sooner.

The weekend March 11-13 will now be organized as a Memorial Weekend Retreat for practitioners to come practice, support and honor our Teacher’s life and love; it is open to the public. Please register if you would like to attend this ASAP since there are limited spaces. 

Important Detail Changes:

1.     For those who have already registered for the Mother Earth Retreat, here are some additional notes:

  • You can choose to cancel your registration and get a full refund. 
  • Or you may choose to keep the registration and come still on arrival day Wednesday March 9th with the awareness of theme change, an adjusted schedule, and that the primary retreat will start on Friday March 11th. 
  • All plane ticket cancellation costs will also be reimbursed if you cannot get a refund from the airline.

2.     For those registered but not confirmed (no money exchange or expense). We ask that you do not come on Wednesday since the intended retreat has been canceled and to register for the Memorial Weekend Retreat if you wish to come, on a first come first serve basis. Plane ticket cancellation cost refund applies here as well, if you request.

3.     All retreatants registered for the online participation will be fully refunded. There will be no online element for the Memorial Weekend Retreat. The retreat is an in-person only event with some activities live-streamed that will be announced.

4.     Sunday March 13th will conclude with the main memorial ceremony and will be open for practitioners and friends who want to come to support and honor our Teacher.  

Again thank you for your understanding and practice. Please check out our other themed retreats in the coming season and also know that the monastery is also open for general week-long retreats and week-end retreats. Please check our monastery website for the latest calendar of retreats. 

74 responses to “CANCELED: Falling In Love With Mother Earth Retreat”

    • Planning for this retreat is still underway. Children are almost always welcome, so long as they can meet the current COVID requirements we may have in place, but we may not have a children’s program during this retreat. More details to come.

      • I would like to bring my 9-year-old son with me. He is fully vaccinated but immune-compromised due to chemotherapy. Will he be able to stay with me in the Clarity Hamlet or would he have to stay in Solidity Hamlet? And could you describe the dorm setting? Would he had and I have a space together and if it is a shared space, with how many others? Many thanks.

      • I am heading over today and did not cancel my registration for the retreat. I have camping items with me but I did originally register and was set to be in the dorm. I am unsure of whether the dorm is still available to me or whether all lay attendees are camping.
        I should be there by 10 am. Will the gates remain open?

  1. Good afternoon, Dharma siblings!

    Is the retreat site convenient to public transportation?

    I’d be flying in from Portland, Oregon.



    • You can get into downtown Escondido by public transportation (light rail) but the closest bus stop is probably a few miles away. If you don’t have much and enjoy walking. Or taxi/ride share.

      • Hi Quinn, I am flying in from Austin by myself and was planning on taking train/bus. I would absolutely appreciate a carpool/rideshare buddy.

    • Yes, they are certainly welcome. The teen should come with an adult and be willing to participate in the main program.

    • Our retreats are all very similar with the focus changing. This one is a about taking care of ourselves and the earth. In person, we can usually take about 200 people but it does vary and it could be more too.

    • We apologize for the difficulty. As it turns out, registration seems to only work on a computer desktop rather than a mobile device. Were you trying to make the reservation on a mobile device? If yes, you can also request a desktop version of the page from your device settings or use a computer?

  2. My husband and I are planning on attending the March retreat. Can we both stay in one tent or we have to stay in separate male/female areas?

  3. How will the retreat connect with the 49th Day ceremony for our dear teacher Thay? Will the monastery be open that day for a live-streamed ceremony? Thank you for putting on this precious retreat!

    • The details surrounding the 49th day are not yet determined. We have been on lazy days the last couple of weeks and the sangha has not had a chance to meet about future events.

  4. Hello, I have tried to register, but when I click “register” it just takes me back to the retreat page. I did it on a desktop and not a mobile, so I’m not sure why it’s not working. Is there any other way to register? Thank you!

    • We apologize. You are correct that it isn’t working. We will begin to troubleshoot immediately and get back to you.

  5. I’m looking for a retreat that could help me with my pain over loss of my young child. Is this retreat one that would be appropriate for me, and help me with my grief and healing process?

  6. I know that I will not be able to attend online at times. Will the sessions be recorded? If so, how long will we have access to these recordings. Last year I did 6 retreats with Plum Village France online and they have and continue to change my life. With so much gratitude, I bow to you, Joanna White

    • Yes, the sessions will be recorded and also be available for a reasonable amount of time beyond the time of the retreat. The time isn’t yet determined, but rest assured you will have access.

    • We didn’t set any limitation so please allow us to check with Zoom on what’s happening. We want you to be able participate. 🙂

    • Hello Rabbi Chasya, after some investigation we discovered that paid Zoom events are limited to Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland, the United States, and the United Kingdom. So strange.

      Anyway, we have an idea. Would you be willing to try and register again and select the “Admin” ticket? That one has no charge and I wonder if it will let you pass to through with that?

      Thank you.

  7. Where is the waiting list for in person? 2 of us from the east coast. We really need this! How did I miss it?

    • There is a waiting list for the dorms, but tents are still available for reservation. Please don’t book any air tickets until you receive a confirmation.

  8. Would people participating on Zoom be able to receive the 5 Mindfulness Trainings during a transmission ceremony? Thank you.

    • Yes, if we offer the Five Mindfulness Trainings during an in-person retreat then those participating online can also be eligible to receive them.

  9. Dear All,

    Would it be possible to partecipate online only for Saturday and Sunday? If so, how much would it be? Thank you in advance.


    • Yes, when you signup for online we recognize that the times may not align perfectly. However, the one exception are the dharma sharing families and it’s good to be present for those. At this time, the schedule is not yet available.

  10. Hello,
    I filled out the form for my husband on Sunday and waiting for confirmation from Admin. He needs to request days off ahead from work, how long will it take to get confirmation email? Thank you.

    • Please help me complete the online registration. I cannot get the form to accept Washington as my state, so the zip code box is shown as an error. Try as I might, I can’t get the correct state entered and this can’t complete the registration. Thanks for your help. Nick 🙏

      • Thank you Bro. Nick for responding to my message. Seem the site is down. I can’t see the form. Reservation ID is R10794437. The state is CA , 92679. I will try again when site is available. Thank you!

  11. Dear Brother Joy,
    While waiting for your response, it appears the registration has closed. Wouldn’t you agree that I might have been considered to have my digital foot in the door? And would’t that then allow me to complete the registration I was trying to finish when it timed out and I lost all that I’d entered?

    • Hello friend. Sorry about the difficulty and closing the registration. There are some changes afoot and a communication about it will be forthcoming very soon. Thank you for understanding.

  12. I just heard this Retreat has been rescheduled due to an upcoming ceremony on the 49th day of Thay’s transition? Please write more details on this and of Thay’s ceremony at Deer Park.

    • We hope to get a communication out about this today or tomorrow. Yes, there are some changes afoot and there will be a retreat but it might not take the form we are all expected.

  13. I would like to attend and be placed on a waiting list for dorms, if the retreat is occuring. Thank you!

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