Holiday Retreat

The community plans to open registration for Holiday Retreat on October 15, 2015.
Bring in the New Year amongst spiritual family.
When we come back to ourselves, to what is going on in the here and now, we let go of the stories we tell ourselves. Practicing this, we nourish our happiness, our hearts open, and we can come to better love and understand ourselves and our loved ones. This is a real gift to offer.
During this retreat, we will practice breathing, smiling, walking, eating, playing, working, sharing, and being together in mindfulness. We will bring our mind and body together, recognizing, touching, and enjoying the fruits of the present moment.
People of all ages, experiences, and backgrounds are welcome.
For parents bringing youngsters, we are organizing a children’s program for this retreat. If enough parents register themselves with their teenage children, a teen program will also be organized. Registration for teens and children must be accompanied by an adult registration.

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