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The Buddha the Scientist Retreat: Public Health & Collective Awakening

September 26, 2023 October 1, 2023 PDT

Join us from Sept. 26 to Oct. 1 at Deer Park Monastery for an extraordinary retreat and symposium open to all, merging the timeless teachings of the Buddha with the forefront of scientific inquiry.

The Buddha the Scientist Retreat is a transformative journey into the present moment, empowering scientists and the wider community to cultivate mental stability amidst the multifaceted challenges of our time.

The Buddha, as a true pioneer, ignited a revolution in understanding the mind and body. His teachings offer concrete methods to develop mindfulness, concentration, and insight—an invaluable compass for seekers throughout the ages. Moreover, he embodied a scientific mindset, continually adapting his teachings based on real-life evidence gleaned from his own practice and that of his students. 

In this retreat, offered in collaboration with the new Thich Nhat Hanh Center for Mindfulness in Public Health at the Harvard Chan School, Department of Nutrition, we delve into this intersection of wisdom and scientific inquiry, revealing profound insights and a pathway to a more embodied understanding of our minds.

We will learn how to practice:

  • Mindful breathing, walking, eating, speaking, and listening
  • Grounding attention in the breath and body to interrupt the torrent of conceptual thinking that perpetuates emotional turbulence, leading to a profound understanding of how our thoughts and perceptions shape our emotional landscape
  • Cultivating conscious attention at a collective level, nurturing vitality and the capacity to thrive as a community
  • Dissolving the illusion of separation through embodied mindfulness practices
  • Engaging in research from a non-dualistic perspective, which extends from the personal to the collective
  • Fostering inclusive and holistic approaches to public health through mindfulness practice, transcending regional, national, and global boundaries
  • Forging deeper connections and harmonious relationships with others and the Earth

Experience a groundbreaking exploration where ancient wisdom intertwines with scientific inquiry. Amidst the climate emergency, political divisions, conflicts, and social inequities, this retreat helps us cultivate inner stability. Embrace the transformative power of mindfulness and embark on a collective journey to cultivate compassion, understanding, and resilience in the midst of our complex world.

Retreat Cost

  • Bring Your Own Tent – Adult $425 | Teen $340 | Child $225
  • Commuter – Adult $425 | Teen $340 | Child $225
  • Trailer Dorm Space – Adult $500 | Teen $390 | Child $250
  • 6 Bed Dorm Space – Adult $550 | Teen $440 | Child $275
  • 3 Bed Dorm Space – Adult $750 | Teen $525 | Child $340

You may be eligible for the Hemera Scholarship for partial cost reduction. For cancellations made prior to arrival day, partial refunds will be available with a cancellation fee of $10 per night for adults, and $5 per night for teens and children 6 years and older. Cancellations made on or after the retreat arrival day do not qualify for a refund. Registration is non-transferable.

$425 – $750
2499 Melru Lane
Escondido, CA 92026 United States
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71 responses to “The Buddha the Scientist Retreat: Public Health & Collective Awakening”

  1. Hi, is the tour: the Buddha the Scientist retreat… for Scientist only ? same question with the Healthcare worker retreat. Thanks

  2. Would we be able to bring our 16 month old son as long as parents watch him the whole time? Thanks.

    • The talks may be available, though perhaps following the retreat. Nothing firm is planned yet.

  3. Will you be accepting volunteers for this retreat? I have volunteered before and found it a deep practice. 🙏🏻

  4. Please let me know if registration for this retreat is open. The more information button on your website is not working on my computer. Thank You very much for your time and dedication. Carla

  5. Dear Brother Joy, I’ll be living in Escondido during this retreat. Would it be okay to sleep at home and commute in each day? I also eat a restricted diet that’d be easier this way I believe. If you’re open to this, I’m curious how to handle registration once that opens, if the rate would be reduced, and any other details. With metta, Andy

  6. Hello Brother Joy. I’m planning on attending this retreat and camping during my stay. I own a small, self-contained camper van. Am I able to camp in that during the retreat or is camping limited to walk-in tent camping only? Either option is acceptable to me. Thank you 🙏🏼

  7. Good afternoon. My partner and I are very excited to be attending the retreat! Can you confirm by what time we should arrive on the 26th and what time the program will end on the 1st? Thank you so much!

  8. Staffing opportunities haven’t been posted yet, but they’d be here on this page. I don’t have a timeline for when this will be available but perhaps in the next few weeks.

  9. Hello,
    It seems that available accommodations are fully booked. Are there other options?
    Thank you kindly,

    • We still have space in our trailer dorms. These are 3-room trailers with 3-6 people in each room.

  10. I would love to register but I can only do a virtual retreat. I hope you can open it up to on-line registrants. If that’s not possible, I hope you can record some of the talks.

  11. Can I register for retreat for camp, but since I live in San Diego, can I come during the day and leave at night when events are done? How early and late do the events go each day?

    • Yes, you can register as a commuter. The first activity of the day is at 6am and we typically end around 8:30pm or 9:00pm.

    • At this time, there is not one planned. However, there is still a chance as the summer unfolds and if we have the capacity to support.

  12. Hi there. I attended last year, and stayed in my camper in the parking lot. Would that fall under the trailer tuition amount? Thank you!

  13. Dear one, is there a schedule available? and what is the physical level needed? (walking, sitting, kneeling). thank you

    • We don’t have the schedule set yet, but each day will include some slow outdoor walking and indoor sitting meditation. For the sitting, we also provide chairs.

  14. Hello, I’m very interested in this retreat as a public health professional. Unfortunately, the dates don’t work for me due to a scheduling conflict. Is there a possibility of another event to be held like this in the upcoming year?

  15. Hi. I think I registered for the retreat, but I did not receive any confirmation email. it did not give me an option for me to pay, so I thought I would pay later once I receive a confirmation email. I am quite confused. Can you help me with this situation? Thank you!

  16. Hi, I signed up for the trailers. Is there a rideshare page for this event? I will be coming from either Pasadena or San Diego. Thanks!

  17. Hello 🙂 I am unable to request time off work, is it possible to attend for the weekend only?
    Bowing to you,

    • Unfortunately, we ask participants to attend the whole retreat. Perhaps you can join our holiday retreat in December.

  18. Hello Brother Joy and Deer Park family,

    Thank you to the monastics and everyone involved in the planning of this retreat. You must all be very busy so your time in receiving this message is much appreciated.

    What is the expected window of time for arrival/check-in on the 26th?


    • We do recommend bringing your own bedding as we only have a limited supply. Sheets will be on the beds. Bugs depend on the person. Personally, I don’t find any bugs bothersome.

      • Hello Brother Joy.

        I will be flying in from out of town. Should I plan to pack a blanket? I do have a small pillow 🙂

        Thank you.

  19. Hello- What will Tuesday’s schedule look like? I know arrival is between 2-6pm, but what is the schedule that day only please? I know the rest of days we’ll find out upon arrival. I need to coordinate my arrival with my commitments ….thank you !

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