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Peaceful Dwelling: 90-Day Retreat

September 18, 2022 December 18, 2022 PDT

Our sangha of monastics and lay friends share with you the practice of the annual Rains Retreat at Deer Park for a 90 day period.

Peaceful dwelling in the great hidden mountain of Deer Park is a very special time to practice together and to look and learn deeply. During this period, we may have the opportunity for mentoring, taking classes, and listening to dharma talks. In addition, the daily schedule will include sitting meditation, walking meditation, working meditation, and service meditation.

If you choose to join us, we also have the practice of remaining in the monastery. During opening ceremonies, we will set the boundaries for each hamlet. Meaning, we as participants will remain within these boundaries for the entire 90-days.

The Opening Ceremony for the Rains Retreat will be held during the Sunday, Day of Mindfulness, September 18, 2022. The Closing Ceremony will be held during the Sunday, Day of Mindfulness, December 18, 2022.

Although the retreat “begins” on September 18th, those planning to attend will need to arrive early. Both the brothers and sisters will receive the guests aspiring to stay for the more than 3-month period on September 9, 2022. If it is not your intention to stay for this time period, please do not use this page to register.

The sisters require anyone applying, to register and to submit their request to the sisters by August 15, 2022.

The registration office requires anyone applying to stay with the brothers, to register by September 2, 2022.

There is no guarantee that late applications will be accepted.

Summary of Important Dates
  • August 15, last day to apply to stay with sisters in Clarity Hamlet
  • September 2, last day to apply to stay with brother in Solidity Hamlet
  • September 9, arrival day for both hamlets
  • September 18 Rains Retreat Begins
  • December 18 Rains Retreat Ends
2499 Melru Lane
Escondido, CA 92026 United States
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77 responses to “Peaceful Dwelling: 90-Day Retreat”

    • Hello, is the 90 day retreat a silent retreat? What is the cost, assuming I would be accepted after the initial 2 weeks? Would I have to be offline for the entire 90 days? Thank you.

      • The 90-Days Rains Retreat is a time for returning inward and for deepening our practice commitment. It is not 100% silent, but with this intention it does carry some silence throughout the time. The cost can be negotiated and individuals can apply for a scholarship. Therefore, the cost varies greatly by individual capacity. We would like for everyone to remain offline but some folks do bring their mobile device for special needs. And we do have internet access for a fee. That too is requested upon arrival or a letter to the monastics in advance.

  1. I’m interested in participating, please can you let me know when registration becomes available? 🙏☀️

      • Hello Dear Brother Joy,
        Is it a problem to arrive 3 days late?
        Thank you
        Warm Regards

        • It may be possible but it’s up to the monastic brothers or sisters, depending on which hamlet you will stay. When registration opens, that would be a good time to re-ask that question.

  2. I am looking forward to the 90 day retreat. I have lived in Plumb Village at the lower hamlet during the summer of 1995.
    Can I sign up prior to Mid June? I will be in France and not connecting with email during mid June to August 1. I leave the below as I am not aware of the requirements for this 90 day retreat.
    Thank you 🙏 🙏🙏
    Craig Fraser “Contentment of the Source”.

    This is to certify that
    Craig Fraser
    has received the Three Refuges and
    the Five Wonderful Precepts on the
    Fourth day of August, 1995
    in Plum Village
    with the Dharma name
    Contentment of the Source
    Ordination Teacher:
    Peace of the Heart, True Virtue
    43rd, generation
    Lin Chi School
    9th : generation
    Lieu quán branch

    • Thank you for this information. We won’t have the registration ready by mid-June but you can register after August 1st without much difficulty.

  3. I’m interested in a 1-2 week retreat. Please let me know when it is available. Thank you so much.

  4. Hello dear brothers and sisters,

    Will all weekends be open during the Rains Retreat or will only select weekend options be available?

    Thank you and be well!


    • Arrival dates for short stays during the 90-Day Retreat still need to be determined. It will not be every Friday.

  5. I wish to come with my wife for the first 6 weeks as I may have a commitment in November in the second week. My main purpose is to learn and practice meditation (Samma Samadhi, the eighth element of the Eightfold path). is this possible? Thank you.
    Debu Majumdar

    • Hello Debu. Thank you for asking the question. The way we handle the 90-day retreat is folks register for 2-weeks first and then after arriving and practicing for a bit a letter is written requesting the longer stay for the 90-days. This almost always is supported by the sangha. It would be at that time one would request any type of departure. Technically you wouldn’t be part of the “90-day” commitment because folks who make that commitment do not leave the monastery for the 90-days. As for practice teachings, that is determined once we get going and may vary. Of course, you can study anything while here and also have opportunities to meet with experienced practitioners (both lay and monastic). I hope this helps.

  6. Dear Brother Joy,
    I am very happy to receive your answer. It has clearly answered my questions. It iseems etter that we both come for 2 weeks only or I my wife stays for 1 week and I stay for 2 weeks. We do want to have the opportunity for participation at the Deer Park Monastery. How do I register for shorter duration? Thank you. Debu

    • When registration opens for the 90-Day retreat, that would be the time. Probably later this summer.

    • Dear Thay, Thank you for reaching out and asking. Yes, we offer generosity for visiting monastics. The best path for you is to write a letter to our Dharma Teachers requesting a stay with us. They will likely followup with some additional questions. You can email them at dharmateacher@deerparkmonastery.org

  7. Dear Brother Joy,
    Can you tell me a little about the foods offered during the stay? Due to medical issues, I have a very limited and restricted diet. Unfortunately I am required to eat meat and eggs. : (
    Would this be workable somehow?

    • Hello Audrey. The diet at the monastery is all vegan. We do have a public refrigerator where visitors can store food, but we ask that not include meat.

  8. Dear Brother Joy, Last year’s online retreat was very nourishing. Will you be offering an online option this year? Thank you, Jill Moonheron

  9. Hello dear Jemma,

    Thank you for your question. Please know that while we do not offer specific accommodations for folks with service animals, we would do our best to meet the needs of both you and your certified service animal if you decide to join us for a retreat stay.

    With you on the path,
    Deer Park Monastery
    Registration Office

  10. Hello, I would like to join the 90 days retreat. How do I find more information about the retreat? What do I need to bring to the retreat, and how is the room arrangement? (Shared vs. Private?)

    • We don’t have much more information posted yet, but will sometime over the summer. Basically you arrive on the start date with a 2-week stay. During that time you will write a letter to stay for the full 90-days (almost everyone is accepted). During the retreat we follow a schedule of sitting, eating, walking, working, classes, and Dharma talks. During the 90-days we do not leave the monastery grounds. Depending on where you stay, camping versus dorm, you bring bedding, toiletries and clothing you will need for the 90-days. Dorm rooms are shared. This helps build community and support during the practice time. Obviously if you camp, then you are your own in a tent. Hope that helps. 🙂

  11. Dear Brother Joy, Thank you for your help and patience. Is it possible to request a single room for medical reasons? I have Autism Spectrum Disorder, and it worries me to be without a personal space to decompress at the end of the day or to simply remove myself for a time if the stimulation gets overwhelming. All best wishes, MMcM.

    • Melanie, it may be possible, especially for the 90-day retreat, but this request would be need to be reviewed by the Bhikshuni Council (fully ordained monastic sisters). When the time is right, now or later, you could write a formal request and email to office@deerparkmonastery.org. Since you are a woman (my assumption), you would likely stay in Clarity Hamlet where there are fewer room options. I hope this helps.

  12. I would love the opportunity to register for a 2 week retreat in the last week of Oct to mid Nov. Is it possible to be notified when registration is open? Much Gratitude!

  13. Dear Brother Joy, I’m very interested in being mostly silent and enjoying sangha retreat. Thank you kindly. I have tent. Thank you

  14. Dear Brother Joy,
    I am interested in joining the 5 years Monastic program to work toward becoming ordinated. Would attending a 2 week retreat or this 90 day Rain’s retreat be the most sensible way to do this?

    Kind Regards,
    Vincent Reinhart

    • Wonderful! Yes, the best way to move in this direction is to join the 90 day retreat. There may be others too.

  15. Thank You Brother Joy for your quick reply!

    I had another question and I am wondering if you would be able to provide some more insight on? I know the 5 year program is intended for only ages 17-35 but I am currently 38 years old. From what you are aware of, are there ever any exceptions made to this rule on the cut off or is it firm? Any place you could direct me to find out more information would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Kind Regards,
    Vincent Reinhart

    • I think it’s best to just come and discover what the monastery has to offer what you were called to. And that way some conversations can take place between you and the elder brothers.

  16. Dear Brother Joy
    Thank you very much for your help in this space. I’m really interested in the 90 days retreat. I am from Colombia, South America, so it would be of great help to know whether I can apply directly to the 90 days retreat, so I can buy the airplane ticket knowing the date of my return to Colombia. Would this be possible?
    I’m looking forward for the registrations to open 🙂

    • Hi Catalina,
      I can’t say for certain when the registration will open but the most likely date is sometime in July. Anyone will be able to register for the initial two weeks with 90% or more supported for the entire 90-days. That decision doesn’t take place until after to you arrive. So if you buy a plane ticket, we recommend getting one that you can change and/or receive a refund. Right now the arrival date is set for September 16. I’m not sure if this helps or not, but I hope so.

  17. Dear brother, thanks a lot for your reply. Yes, it helps me!
    I will plan everything to arrive at Deer Park on September 16th.

  18. Dear Brother Joy, from the short description I am very much interested the 90 day retreat! When will there be more information? Like costs etc. Thank you very much. Warm wishes

    • Hello Rosa. For the initial two weeks. The pricing is listed below. And for the entire 90 day retreat, you can work with our registration office to reach something that is agreeable. In theory, that’s the price throughout the retreat. But I know that that’s cost quite a bit overtime.

      Tent – Adult $50/night | Teen $40/night | Child $25/night
      6 Bed Dorm – Adult $65/night | Teen $50/night | Child $35/ night
      3 Bed Dorm – Adult $90/night | Teen $60/night | Child $45/ night

  19. Thank you Brother Joy for the information on pricing. Is there also more available about the day program? What will a typical day look like?

  20. Are there any volunteer opportunities or scholarships available for the Rain’s retreat? I have volunteered with Deer Park and Plum Village previously. Thanks for your attention 🙂

  21. Dear Brother Joy,
    It is a joy to read your kind responces to people wanting to come. Thank you, my question was answered 🙂

  22. Dear Thay, Dear Sangha,
    I am trying to make my travel plans for the start of the Peaceful Dwelling retreat. I had on my calendar to arrive at Deer Park on September 16th, which makes sense as Friday is the usual arrival day. However, I see in these comments that the opening ceremony of the retreat will be on Sunday, Sept. 18th. Is the 16th the arrival day, or is it flexible throughout the 16th, 17th, and 18th? Or is the 18th arrival day? Thank you for guidance about that. Bowing, breathing, and smiling. Andrea

    • Arrival day it’s most certainly going to be either September 16 or September 9. If you’re staying in the Solidity hamlet, then arrival is the ninth, but the Clarity Hamlet has not made a finalize decision yet.

  23. saludo cordial hermano Alegría. Vivo en Colombia, y estoy interesada en el retiro de 90 días, quisiera saber ,si es posible llegar el 18 o 19 de septiembre , como podría tener acceso a una beca en caso de permanecer los 90 días , con este retiro podría ingresar al la orden del interser como laico ? gracias

  24. Dear sangha,

    Would it be possible to join the retreat for the latter 45 days? If so, please let me know who I might speak with to arrange this.

  25. Just to clarify, does this now mean that the arrival date is Sept 9th for Clarity Hamlet, as well? Thank you, _/|\_

  26. Greetings Brother Joy…I’m interested in attending a portion of the 90-day retreat, so what are the pre-requisites for attending other than the 2-week initial stay?

    • The other stay options during the 90 day retreat have not been established yet by the community, but we should know within the next month

  27. Dear brother Joy
    Thanks for all your help in this space. I would like to know where can I register for the 2-week initial period of the 90-day-retreat, for the Clarity Hamlet.
    A lotus for You.

    • Yes, we will continue the weekly Day of Mindfulness on most Sunday mornings. Dates will be posted as we get closer to each.

  28. Hi there! Just wondering, would it be appropriate if I brought an acoustic guitar to the upcoming rains retreat?
    Thank you

  29. Hi… is there a winter retreat that I can be a part of? I would like very much to come for the whole winter to live and practice. How would i do this?

  30. Hello, a bit of confusion on my part. I just received The Raft email that shows the Deer Park three month retreat registrations are open, but above it says women needed to register by Aug. 15. Are there any exceptions? if not, is there list where I can put my name so I don’t miss future deadlines? Thank you.

    • Unfortunately, we are already full for our winter rains retreat, so please try and come next year. I apologize for the confusion that was posted in the raft.

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