Second Day of Tet

Welcome to the Year of the Dog! On this second day of Tet, we will have the Kieu Oracle reading. “The Tale of Kieu” is an epic poem written by Nguyễn Du. The oracle will reveal lines from this poem and show how they may answer our questions about this year.


10:00 AMBói Kiều tại thiền đường Xóm Trong SángKieu Oracle reading in Clarity Hamlet meditation hall
12:30 PMĂn trưaLunch
3:00 PM –
6:00 PM
Thăm phòng quý sư côVisting the sisters’ room
5:30 PMĂn tốiDinner

There is no registration for this event; you just show up. There is no cost incurred for participation in the day, but dana (donation) is greatly appreciated. There are donation boxes in the meditation and dining halls.

We ask that all guests please wear modest clothing such as shirts that cover the shoulders and midsection and pants or long skirts that cover the knees even while sitting in a meditative posture.

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