Teen Camp

Teen Camp is open to all teens age 13-19, with or without previous experience in mindfulness, meditation, or camping. This is a special time for teens–-please come and join!

During this retreat, we will come together as brothers and sisters to develop skills that help us learn to be alive in the present moment and to connect deeply with ourselves and others. When we learn to be mindful, a whole new world appears.

We will stay in tents (around 5 teens per tent). Teen girls will be assigned to a tent in Clarity Hamlet Oak Grove and teen boys to a tent in the Solidity Hamlet Main Campground. There will be monastic and lay staff members staying in both campgrounds. The monastery will provide tents, but we ask everyone to bring their own sleeping bags and sleeping pads.


Participants are expected to attend the entire retreat and all activities. For parents and younger siblings, please consider registering for Family Retreat, when there will be programs for children, teens, and adults. Teen Camp is exclusively for teens age 13-19: no exceptions.

Click here for more information about this retreat.

For more information about retreats and theme weekends, please visit our Register for a Retreat page.

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