Thanksgiving Day of Mindfulness

_MG_1281aThe Thanksgiving Day of Mindfulness starts at the Ocean of Peace Meditation Hall above the main parking lot. It is open for the public to come and practice with the monastic and lay practitioners of Deer Park Monastery. Lunch will be a vegan and vegetarian potluck; please feel free to bring a vegan or vegetarian potluck dish. The schedule below is tentative.
Tentative Schedule

9:00 AM     Dharma Talk
10:30 AM     Walking Meditation
11:30 AM     Ceremony Giving Thanks to Ancestors
12:30 PM     Vegan & Vegetarian Potluck Lunch

There is no registration for the Day of Mindfulness; you just show up. There is no cost incurred for participation in the day, but dana (donation) is greatly appreciated. Please consider bringing a vegan or vegetarian dish for the potluck lunch on this day of gratitude.
We ask that all guests please wear modest clothing such as shirts that cover the shoulders and midsection and pants or long skirts that cover the knees even while sitting in a meditative posture.

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