The Buddha The Scientist

The Buddha The Scientist

August 31, 2022 September 4, 2022 PDT

During this retreat, we will also live-stream for those unable to attend in-person. The Dharma Talks begin at 10:30am Pacific time Thursday through Sunday and an orientation to the practice is presented at 7:30pm Pacific time on Wednesday. See YouTube link below.

Exploring the Intersection of Buddhism, Psychology and Neuroscience through the Embodied Practice of Mindfulness 

The Buddha revolutionized a first-person study of the mind and body through the practices of mindfulness, concentration and insight. In this retreat we will look deeply into our experience of the present moment through the art of mindful living, including mindful breathing, walking, eating, speaking and listening, so that we can better understand our mind in an embodied way. We will train ourselves to stop the continuous stream of conceptual thinking by bringing attention to our breathing and body. Buddhist psychology teaches that our thinking gives rise to our emotions; when we shift our attention from our thoughts to our body, that thinking no longer feeds our emotions in the usual manner. In this way we train ourselves in appropriate attention, learning how to remove a necessary condition for thinking to manifest. This frees us and clears our mind.

Through this embodied practice of mindfulness, as scientists we look deeply to see that mind and body are one, and not separate as subject and object. We come to see that the object of our research is not separate from our own experience as subjective observers. Lived experience is non-dualistic—object and subject are one. This retreat explores the implications this insight can have on us as scientists and citizens, bringing greater depth to our work, and establishing harmonious relationships with each other and with the Earth.


First Dharma Talk

Second Dharma Talk

Questions and Answers

Third Dharma Talk

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5 responses to “The Buddha The Scientist”

  1. Dear Beloved Monastics,

    Do you plan to offer a neuroscience retreat around the theme of neuroscience / the Buddha, the scientist again in 2023? Will it again be around Labor Day weekend in the new year? (Also sent you a contact us asking the same thing.)

    Thank you so much for all that you do and hope to meet you in person in 2023. Best of holidays to you. May they be joyous and deeply present in the moment.

    🙂 Jennifer Lee

    • Yes, we will have another retreat in the fall. The exact date is still being determined, but it will likely be in October.

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