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Climate Action: Special COP26 Sharing from Brothers Phap Dung and Phap Linh (Live Online)

November 14 @ 10:15 am 12:30 pm PST

This event is Live Online.

Plum Village attended the climate conference in Glasgow and shared our approach to climate justice/despair and collective awakening. Brothers Phap Dung and Phap Linh share their experience with a Q&A afterwards.

Here are some additional resources:

  1. Futures Lab: Transformational Economics meets Transformational Leadership
    • @ 0:17:15
    • @ 0:41:25
    • @ 0:49:25
    • @ 1:28:24
  2. TED Countdown at COP26
  3. Futures Lab: Just Climate Actions “The Great Recovery” (Talanoa Dialogue)
    • @1:00:15
  4. Pocket Project at COP26: Daily Update
  5. New York Times Climate Hub: “Returning to the Heartwood”


2 thoughts on “Climate Action: Special COP26 Sharing from Brothers Phap Dung and Phap Linh (Live Online)

  1. how beautiful your sharing was … thank you for being there… and being here in this world… and allowing our sangha’s to practice and hold you… as always… we are so grateful for you as teachers… and as a continuation of our beloved teacher as he continues to hold and teach and transmit his love , wisdom and practice to all of us.

  2. Beloved @Br. Phap Dung, your loving, generous and joyful heart emanates the dharma. Thank you for always bringing the Dharma to life and remind us how we can live fully, mindfully and individually–together–impact creating positive change to protect our climate, our great Mother Earth and each other. Namaste. Thank you for evangelizing ‘business-less.’ <3.

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