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Đại Giới Đàn: Lamp transmission Ceremony for lay members (Online)

October 3 @ 3:00 pm 5:30 pm PDT

Truyền đăng cho GT cư sĩ

The theme for the Đại Giới Đàn, or Great Precepts Transmission Ceremony is Go to the Other Shore. This is only the second time this ceremony has taken place at Deer Park Monastery; the last time being in 2004. The primary focus of the event is to transmit the Bhikshu and Bhikshuni precepts. A time when a novice monastic becomes a fully ordained monastic. The events over this four-day event will be live-streamed. Please join us.

  1. Trương Thị Anh Phương
  2. Juliet Hwang
  3. Trần Hoàng Phương
  4. Phi Lê
  5. Phan Thị Thương Châu (Brigitte)
  6. John Wadsworth
  7. David Hughes

For the lamp transmissions, you have the option to join via Zoom where those in attendance can see your smiling and celebratory faces. To join via Zoom, please pre-register on Zoom.

Free Support for the monastery can be made at https://tnhf.org

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