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Monastery Closed

From August to mid-October, the Deer Park monastics will be participating in the Monastic Teaching Tour. As a result, the monastery is closed and will not hold any public Day … Read more

Thich Nhat Hanh Calligraphy & Art Auction

We are happy to announce that the Brushes of Enlightenment calligraphy & art auction to support Deer Park Monastery. This auction is being held to raise funds to build a … Read more

Hội vui

Khóa tu Tiếng Việt 2023 tại Tu Viện Lộc UyểnChủ đề:“Hội vui” Thư ngỏ  Kính thưa quý đạo hữu khắp xa gần! “Thắp lên ngọn đèn mới Ngọn đèn sẵn … Read more