20 Year Anniversary Book: For You

Stupa View of Deer Park


“When we build a meditation hall or a bell tower, we can easily see the final product. When we build brotherhood and sisterhood, it is a hundred times more important than the meditation hall or the bell tower, but people may not see it if they are not mindful. We’ve been working together these past few months. The older people as well as the young people have come together with all the love and all the hope in order to build this Deer Park Monastery. In my eyes, this is a great monument. When we do things with all our love and all our hope, then even though it’s not visible, it is something real that we can see with our mindfulness. We do it not because we want some kind of fame or profit. It is the energy of love that propels us. And it is this energy of love that creates this great monument.”

– Spoken by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh in 2000 (excerpt from The Day I Turn Twenty)


Dear Friends of the Monastery,

We know that you are there and we are grateful. Deer Park would not be the monastery that it is today without you. Do you remember that time when you visited for the Day of Mindfulness? It was during walking meditation and you took that step fully focused in the present moment? Or what about that time when you came and stayed at the monastery on retreat? Remember how you felt too tired to go to sitting meditation, but you did it anyway? Later, you were so glad that you went. Or what about the time that you heard the mindfulness bell at the end of lunch and you felt like you were attaining enlightenment?!


Okay, okay, maybe those memories belong to only a few of us…


Here in the present moment, the brothers and sisters are so thankful for all of the times that you’ve shared with us, that they want to present you with a gift for the 2oth anniversary of Deer Park Monastery. You may click on the link below to download and read a book celebrating our first 20 years.


The Day I Turn Twenty