Deer Park Monastery Releases a New Website

Old Deer Park Website

Old Website Replaced with New WebsiteDear Community. Dear Thay. Deer Park Monastery releases a new website platform and design for our online visitors.

We are very grateful you are there and it makes us happy. We hope you are enjoying the spring as much as we are – the weather remains sunny and warm here in Southern California and the sangha is practicing to dwell happily in the present moment. We are changing our digital bits and happily

The New Website

Deer Park Monastery has been using the same web platform (Plone) for many years, a lifetime in internet years, and over the past year we have been working together to bring you a new website. With this new website, we are able to offer a new platform and new design (from Designsite) that is easy for us to manage and equally functional for you on your desktop or on your mobile device. We’ve also started using a new registration system that will be a common experience

This effort is part of a much larger project of the Unified Buddhist Church (UBC) to bring our practice centers and other entities into a common experience while at the same time allowing each to express their own identity. In addition to Deer Park, Blue Cliff Monastery and the Thich Nhat Hanh Tour Site have been converted. We still plan to bring Magnolia Grove Monastery, the Mindfulness Bell, and the Order of Interbeing websites into the fold. It’s an exciting time to share our resources and practice together to bring you a common experience. We’ve also started using a new registration system that will offer a common registration experience at Blue Cliff, Plum Village, and Deer Park.

Letting Go

With this new website comes an experience of impermanence. Like a good garage, we have accumulated a great deal of digital “stuff” and we are doing a complete cleaning. As a result, not all the content will move over and we are still in the process of identifying and moving content over as needs arise. For example, some of the curriculum material is still stuck in our old database and yet to be extracted for the new site. Likewise, the content in Vietnamese and Spanish will need to be manually created on the new site and that will take time and effort. Our hope is to move what is needed and letting go of those digital bits we leave behind. If you want to peek back to what we had before, the Wayback Machine will have some snapshots of years past.

We thank you for the patience and kind words. If you wish to reach us on this topic, please don’t hesitate to comment below or use the Contact Us form.

13 responses to “Deer Park Monastery Releases a New Website”

  1. Hello, I couldn’t find information on the yearly teen retreat. Will you be offering it this year? Thank you.

  2. Help! I’m not able to signin since the new website went in. I can’t find the sign in place either. I’m trying to retrieve an application for ordination into the OI. I’ll be receiving transmission late October.

    • Yes, we will holding a Vietnamese Retreat as well and registration should open in the coming month. Tập Thói Quen Sống Hạnh Phúc
      November 4 – 8.

  3. 1. My children are planning to attend the Teen camp this year but wont be able to arrive until @ 11 pm Escondido time. Would there be someone to let their shuttle bus in?

    2. Will there be a Vietnamese retreat this year at Deer Park? if so, what is the date?

    • Please contact our registration office regarding the late arrival (look in your email confirmation). And, yes! We will hold a Vietnamese Retreat this fall – Tập Thói Quen Sống Hạnh Phúc, November 4 – 8

  4. I was wondering if the monastery will be open on Sundays in June for the public for a day of meditation. Thank you.

  5. I can not find any information at the Deer Park Monastery website to register for a vietnamese retreat in November. Thank you. JN

  6. My wife cannot find the Vietnamese language version of the Deer Park Monastery website. Please inform us of the new Vietnamese URL link.
    Thank You.


    • Dear Erick,
      We do not currently have a translation available and the old site is inaccessible to us. We hope to remedy this sometime. Thank you for the patience.

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