Join our Lunar New Year Celebration: Tet 2015


Tet is one of the monastery’s most wonderful celebrations of the year. We celebrate the beginning of the Lunar New Year according to Vietnamese tradition, which includes a New Year’s Eve Ceremony and performances, oracle readings, visiting the monastic residences, games for kids, and more. Please join us for this joyful celebration. All are welcome!

Please note that the monastery will be closed after Tet from February 23 to March 14.

Tet Schedule

  • Sat Feb 14: Wrap Earth Cakes (Gói Bánh Chưng)
  • Sat Feb 14: Cook Earth Cakes and Rest
  • Sun Feb 15: Closing Ceremony of the Winter Retreat (Ngày Tự tứ)
  • Mon Feb 16: Lazy Day
  • Wed Feb 18: New Year’s Eve Celebration (including performances)
  • Thu Feb 19: New Year’s Day – Room Visits and Oracle Readings (Tết: Ngày Đầu năm)
  • Fri Feb 20: Room Visits and Oracle Readings (Tết: Ngày Đầu năm)
  • Sun Feb 22: Welcoming Guests
  • Sun Mar 1: Welcoming Guests
  • Mon Feb 23 – Sat March 14: Monastery Closed

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