A new season of Days of Mindfulness

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Starting Sunday, November 26, our gathering space for walking meditation will change. As you arrive to our main parking lot, please enjoy your steps up the paved road. Our day of mindfulness can begin as we make our first step at Deer Park, allowing our body to relax, bringing our attention to our feet, letting go of anxiety and stress.

Our new gathering location will be on your right as you walk up the road, nestled in under oaks and pepper trees, close to the campground toilet and shower block. We gather for walking meditation at 9am.

If it is your FIRST TIME to a day of mindfulness with us monastic Dharma Teachers will offer an introductionafter the walking meditation (around 10am) in the same area. This introduction session will help us understand and benefit from the day of mindfulness and bring the practice of mindfulness home. We will practice awareness of our breathing, training ourselves to bring our body and mind together as we listen to the sound of the bell, learning about how we can practice sitting meditation and eating meditation. We will combine instructions will actual practice for us to have our own lived experience during this session. Welcome!

May we all touch peace, joy and healing during our coming days of mindfulness together.

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  1. On Nov. 26 will there be a usual Dharma Talk in the Hall of Peace at 10:00? I understand there will be a talk under the trees after the walking meditation – but I am not sure when the usual Dharma Lesson will start in The Hall of Peace. Thank you! I am looking forward to returning to my Sanga.

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