Retreat for Spanish Speakers

Retreat for Spanish Speakers

The monks and nuns of Deer Park Monastery greatly anticipate our first retreat for Spanish speakers from July 29-31. Please help us get the word out to those who may benefit from this weekend retreat.

More information and registration (all in Spanish) are available on the event page.

In the meantime, you may enjoy this short video of Br. Stream and Br. Kindness going into Escondido to post flyers around town.

3 responses to “Retreat for Spanish Speakers”

  1. After Uvalde, my love, solidarity and compassion go to all those who will be on the Spanish Retreat at Deer Park. Such a thoughtful and timely refuge offered.
    Also my gratitude goes to Brother Stream who, at 1:13:18 of his Dharma talk on the Divine Buddha, answered many of our questions on how to mourn loss through violence and how gun culture has so permeated our life that we are no longer even aware of the roots it sinks into our minds / dreams.

  2. I really hope you will consider offering this as a hybrid retreat with an option for online participation, some of us would love to practice with you all but cannot make it all the way to California at this time. Thank you so much for helping our Spanish speaking community.

    – A grateful teacher in Texas.

  3. This is so great!! Lots of joy 🥰 no puedo asistir porque estoy lejos, en Canada. Thanks for doing this! In gratitude and a big smile 🌺 Gabriela

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