Tết (Lunar New Year) at Deer Park

Translation / Dịch : Vietnamese Spanish

The lunar new year season will soon arrive at Deer Park. We celebrate this season with peace and harmony. We will be present for each other, share our joy, our happiness, our ease in the new year. By practicing mindful breathing, walking, and smiling, we are able to be aware of the miracles within and around us. We can to live more fully, and to truly wish a new year season to all.

With great joy, Deer Park welcomes you to come and celebrate Tết with us. It is a chance to be in touch with our Vietnamese roots, to build brotherhood and sisterhood, to offer our new year prayers for and peace in ourselves and peace in the world.


Tết celebration schedule

2018-02-15 Tết Eve of Mindfulness
3:30 PMPháp Thoại tại thiền đường Thái Bình Dương.
Thầy Pháp Đăng bình thơ.
Dharma Talk in the Ocean of Peace Meditation Hall.
Brother Pháp Đăng to give commentaries on poems.
5:30 PMĂn tối tại xóm Vững ChãiDinner in Solidity Hamlet
7:30 PMVăn NghệBe-in: Performances, songs, and skits
9:00 PMLễ giao thừaNew Year's Eve Ceremony
2018-02-16 First Day of Tết
9:30 AMMúa Lân mừng Xuân
tại thiền đường Thái Bình Dương
New Year's Ceremony & Lion Dance
in the Ocean of Peace Meditation Hall
Mừng tuổi Sư Ông và Hòa Thượng
Bói KiềuKieu Oracle reading
12:30 PMĂn trưaLunch
3:00 PM -
6:00 PM
Thăm phòng quý thầyVisting the brothers' room
5:30 PMĂn tốiDinner
2018-02-17 Second Day of Tết
10:00 AMBói Kiều tại thiền đường Xóm Trong SángKieu Oracle reading in Clarity Hamlet meditation hall
12:30 PMĂn trưaLunch
3:00 PM -
6:00 PM
Thăm phòng quý sư côVisting the sisters' room
5:30 PMĂn tốiDinner
2018-02-18 Third Day of Tết
The monastery will be open for the Lunar New Year visitors. There is no day of mindfulness.

Tu viện mở cửa để quý vị Phật tử thăm viếng tu viện. Không có thời khoá ngày quán niệm.


There is no registration for these Tet events; you just show up. There is no cost incurred for participation in the day, but dana (donation) is greatly appreciated. There are donation boxes in the meditation and dining halls.

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