This page is for attendants and family members for those invited to receive the Lamp of Wisdom during the Great Ordination Ceremony at Deer Park Monastery.

The lay and monastic sangha is looking forward to our time together. This ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to come together as a multi-fold sangha. To celebrate and share the dharma. We hope you can join us here at Deer Park.

If you wish to stay at Deer Park, commute in from a local hotel, or come for the day, the Great Ordination dates are September 30-October 6. If the complete date range is not an option, you may arrive on any of the dates in that time frame or simply come for the day. Whether you stay here at Deer Park (camping only), commute from a hotel, or come for the day, we do ask that you register in advance. This will allow us to know how best to provide food and accommodations.

The actual ceremonies for lay friends are scheduled to take place on Sunday, October 3, and Monday, October 4, with about half of the recipients receiving transmission on each day. More details will be announced as they are determined.

As with all visitors to the monastery, you must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. This applies whether you stay with us, commute, or come for the day. Proof of vaccination will be required.

This may well be our largest gathering of monastics and venerables since Thay’s visit for the 2004 Winter Retreat. We will be at lodging capacity and this will require some restrictions. Guests are limited to family and attendants. If you have friends who wish to attend the ceremony, they are welcome to come for the day on the day of your lamp transmission. We will also be streaming the ceremony on Zoom and a link will be provided closer to the date.

The cost of registration is donation based. Whatever you can afford to help pay for food, lodging, decorations, travel, etc. will be greatly appreciated. As you can imagine, this is a big endeavor.

Kindly fill out a registration form for each person who would like to attend.

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