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Here at Deer Park, we are just beginning our 90-Day “Rains” Retreat, a tradition that dates back to the time of the Buddha. Monastics from Blue Cliff Monastery and Deer Park Monastery have come together for three months of concentrated practice, staying within the boundaries of Deer Park Monastery for 90 days. Given public health concerns stemming from the coronavirus, we will not be able to host public Days of Mindfulness on Sundays during this retreat. However, we want to invite our fellow practitioners (that means you!) near and far to join us in our practice during these three months, so beginning this Sunday the 8th of November…
We will now offer an online Day of Mindfulness each Sunday!
See our calendar for specific days.
Here is the schedule:
5:45am    Guided Sitting Meditation
9:00am    Walking Meditation
10:15am  Dharma Talk
(Times are in PST)
All of the activities will be freely available, streamed live through Zoom and our YouTube channel. If you choose to join us through audio-only, you can call 213-338-8477 and enter Meeting ID: 952 2611 7032 and Passcode: 7965539. Other local numbers are available.  
Since this is an online event, we want to invite our friends who may live in the midwest, east coast or even outside of the U.S. to join us. This is one of the wonderful things about an online Day of Mindfulness! 
Even though you cannot physically be there with us, you are invited to join us for this morning of practice, and also, if you feel inspired, to make these three months a time of turning inward, returning to your practice if you are an experienced practitioner, or perhaps turning a new leaf and discovering a wonderful way of being if you are more new.
For more information and inspiration for this 90-day retreat, we invite you to watch this Dharma Talk offered at the opening of the retreat last weekend (November 1, 2020).
Since we are having this new event on Sundays, the live sitting meditation with the brothers on Saturday will no longer take place.

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