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  • Deepen Your Practice: Mindfulness of Feelings

    Deepen Your Practice: Mindfulness of Feelings

    The 2nd Establishment of Mindfulness teaches us how to have mindfulness of feelings – pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral. Our feelings—pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral—can have a physical, physiological, or psychological root. […]

  • The Redwood Sutra

    The Redwood Sutra

    Thus have I heard one time when the Venerable Mṛgāvataṃsakā was residing in the redwoods by the banks of the Smith River, California. After eating a breakfast of grilled corn […]

  • Continuing Thay’s Aspiration

    Continuing Thay’s Aspiration

    If you missed this amazing dharma talk by Thay Phap Dung during our week of memorial services for Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, then here’s a chance to listen deeply. […]