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  • Kimie’s Love Letter

    Kimie’s Love Letter

    Having recently completed our Teen Camp, and as we prepare for Family Retreat, enjoy this personal story from Kimie about her time at these retreats.

  • Hearing My Songs

    Hearing My Songs

    A young person shares of her journey from attending a Teen Camp at age 16 followed by several more years of visiting Deer Park. They found a home.

  • Home For The Cline Family

    Home For The Cline Family

    The Dharma Seal of the Plum Village tradition is “I have arrived, I am home.” While the “home” in this case is non-geographic in nature, it is reasonable to say […]

  • Treasure in the Mountains

    Treasure in the Mountains

    During our last trip to Deer Park Monastery, I watched my two children skip down the road from Solidity Hamlet to the dining hall. My daughter’s hair flew up and […]