Here we offer a list of multi-day retreats being offered at Deer Park. If you wish to come for a weekend or 1-week or 2-week visits, then please see our Seasonal Retreat page for upcoming opportunities.

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Alaska Mindfulness Retreat

Ageya Center 61420 Florence Martin Ct., Homer, Alaska

SOLID AS A MOUNTAIN: Mindfulness Practices for Challenging Times A weekend retreat in Homer, Alaska. When we stop and listen to really hear and receive the many gifts of the […]

$200.00 – $290.00

Froglessness: A Day of Mindfulness

Deer Park Monastery 2499 Melru Lane, Escondido, CA

Today the dharma talk will be offered by Thay Phap Ao and Su Co Uyen Nghiem in Vietnamese with English translation.

RSVP Now Free 23 spots left

Dharma Talk with Thay Phap Ao and Su Co Uyen Nghiem

Virtual Event Virtual Event

A livestream of our Dharma talk in the Ocean of Peace Meditation Hall on our regular Day of Mindfulness. It will be offered in Vietnamese with English translation available via […]


Illusion Transformed: A Day of Mindfulness

Deer Park Monastery 2499 Melru Lane, Escondido, CA

Today’s Dharma talk will be offered by Thay Phap Hoi in Vietnamese with English translation.

Currently full Free

The Buddha the Scientist

Deer Park Monastery 2499 Melru Lane, Escondido, CA

Exploring the Intersection of Buddhism, Psychology and Neuroscience through the Embodied Practice of Mindfulness  REGISTRATION OPEN NOW The Buddha revolutionized a first-person study of the mind and body through the […]

$100.00 – $400.00

No Day of Mindfulness

We are in the midst of our The Buddha The Scientist Retreat and therefore will not hold a public Day of Mindfulness today.

Presenting the Teachings: Class #39 of the Forty Tenets

Virtual Event Virtual Event

In tonight’s class Thầy Pháp Lưu will discuss the 39th tenet. Conditions, feelings, skandhas, āyatanas, dhātus, vijñāna, etc. are different ways of presenting the teachings. These different ways of presenting […]


Moon Viewing: A Day of Mindfulness

Deer Park Monastery 2499 Melru Lane, Escondido, CA

Today’s dharma talk will be offered by Su Co Dang Nghiem in English with Vietnamese translation.

Currently full Free

72 responses to “Calendar”

    • Hi Manti: Yes, most likely we will have more events to post soon. The sangha has been resting and haven’t had the chance to meet for the upcoming Sundays. Stay tuned.

  1. We will be in town Feb 23-march 1. Any chance we can stop by to see the grounds and stop by the bookstore I’d there is no meet up?

  2. I will be in San Diego from May 6 through May 12th. I was hoping to visit there on one of the days during my stay. Will that be possible?

    • We should be having a day of mindfulness on May 8. That would be the day to attend. Watch for information in April and pre-register.

  3. Hi there, much peace and joy your way! I am potentially in the area at the end of March. Are you scheduled to have a Day of Mindfulness on Sunday, March 27? Thank you!

  4. Just to verify, Memorial Weekend Dharma Talk #1 will be an online only event? It is scheduled for March 10 while whose of us attending the Memorial Weekend in person are asked to arrive on March 11.

    • Yes, this one is the day before arrival. It’s part of our theme for the week so we decided to live stream the dharma talk.

  5. Hi,
    Day of Mindfulness for the 49th Day since Thầy’s Passing Is currently full. Do you have a waiting list? I’d love to be there. Thanks

    • We don’t have a waiting list for our day of mindfulness. We may also add more spots. And as people cancel we update availability. You’ll just need to keep checking the page. Cancellations usually occur closer to the event.

  6. Hi, I am wondering if children are able to participate in the Sunday days of mindfulness? I have a 2 year old. Thank you.

  7. Hello,
    My husband and I would like to attend one or two mindfulness days in May or June. We live near Seattle, WA, and would like to time our flights so that we can attend two consecutive Sundays if this is possible. Do you have any insight which of the Sundays of those two months will be mindfulness days that we could attend?
    Thank you for your reply.

    • We should have one on April 3. However, in our notes we don’t have a dharma teacher assigned yet.

  8. Hello I would.lile to come again for a day of mindfulness on Sunday. I have been once before but back then there was just a calendar that said that deer park monestary was open that day for visitors. Please let me know if I can come this Sunday to join!

  9. Dear Brother Joy,
    I tried to rsvp for the climbing retreat. I followed instructions on phone and on computer (Please enter May 24 for your Arrival Date. No payment is required at this time as we review the applications.).. however, it’s not allowing me to register. Please help!

    • We can try and help. Can you be more specific about the issue you are having? Also, some fields are required so be sure to verify you didn’t miss any.

  10. Good morning, Brother Joy.
    I followed instructions on my computer (enter May 24 for Arrival Date) but the error message says: This reservation is not available at this time. 2 days .

  11. Hi Brother Joy,
    Thanks for your patience in addressing my technical issues!

    I have the 24 May arrival date, but my calendar is colored red (yours has 5 days colored blue), and instead of the rate you have, it gives the error: This reservation is not available at this time. 2 days .

    I tried opening an incognito window, on my computer google chrome browser, on my phone google chrome browser.

    I don’t know how to post a screen shot. I emailed the screen shot to the registration office but they said it works for everyone else.

  12. Hi Brother Joy,

    Can we come on the day of March 27th day of mindfullness and sit in stillness on our own or is planned events only?

    • We do encourage and hope you will participate as you are able, but some do walk around or sit outside and enjoy the quiet.

  13. It’s such a pity that we can’t visit the monastery. We have been looking forward to this Zen trip. Unfortunately the kids are not vaccinated, but very respectful and mindful of the covid policy as we wear mask around others. Hopefully, we will have another opportunity in the future. With thay Thich Nhan Hanh recent passing, I was hoping to pay respect to him and get some peace in our mind and soul. Thanks nonetheless. 🙏

  14. Hello,
    Is the Buddhist Psychology/Science retreat from August 31st- September 4th still happening? Thank you.

  15. Greetings, all. I’m wondering if Deer Park is planning to host a Rains Retreat this fall, or if it will only take place at Plum Village, France? Thanks for your help!

  16. Hello! I just found out about the beginning now wake up retreat and unfortunately a few days too late! Are there plans for another beginning now retreat to happen in the future? I’d love to join!

    • Darn. Sorry you missed it. And yes, it will happen again in the future. But probably not till 2023.

  17. Hello Brother Joy, I will be traveling from Hong Kong to the USA in June. I would like to come for a day of mindfulness. Will there be a day of Mindfulness during the month of June?

    • Yes, there’s a good chance we will have a day of Mindfulness in June but we won’t know until we get closer to that month. So you’ll just have to hold it loosely. Safe travels.

  18. Will there be more spots added for the day of mindfulness on May 1? I just found out about it today and would love to attend and pay my respects to Thay.

  19. Hello Brother Joy, hope all is well. Would there be an Lgbt retreat/event (online or in person) as there was last year? Thank you

  20. I would love to do a Mindfulness Retreat but notice you have not posted dates yet for after May 30th. Is it possible to know if you will have any retreats available for June? Thank you!

    • The special retreats for the rest of the year are all posted on our calendar. For the seasonal retreats, we only have dates so far until the end of May. As soon as we have more we will post them. But rest assured there will be some in the summer. Be sure to tap next events to see anything through the year.

  21. I would love to volunteer for the upcoming family retreat. Could you please provide information on how to register as a volunteer?

  22. Hi! I don’t see any Sunday’s of Mindfulness listed in July and going forward. Does that mean the one in June 26th is it? Hope not

    • All the days of Mindfulness that we open to the public on Sunday. We don’t anticipate that changing anytime soon.

  23. Hi Brother Joy. I am looking to do a 4+ day silent retreat and am wondering if Deer Park offers anything like that? I didn’t see any silent retreats on the calendar, but figured I would ask just in case. Thank you!!

  24. Hi – is there a way to subscribe to updates when future Days of Mindfulness are open for registration? I see they are all full through June at the moment.

    • Unfortunately, not at this time. We usually post the days of Mindfulness a few weeks ahead of time and right now we don’t have any schedule from the Sangha to post. We expect to have that in the next week or two. Please know that we will be adding more spots for the late June days of Mindfulness next week.

  25. hello. – is deer park open for weekday visits right now? If so, how to register? Thank you

    • We are only open for day visits on Sundays. That said, the next one isn’t till the end of the month. This page has our visit information.

  26. Are there any days of mindfulness coming up? I would love to join with my family of 4. We used to attend for Sunday meditation walks etc. Thank you, amanda 🙏

    • Only what we have listed on the calendar page right now. Our next one is later in the month and we will be adding more spots for that one at the following.

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