Rideshare to Deer Park

When planning to visit Deer Park, many friends ask about carpool or rideshare options. Our community is very supportive of finding alternative means of transportation and has practiced a “No Car Day” for many years. We can offer the following suggestions for connecting with others traveling to Deer Park for a day visit or for a retreat.

Days of Mindfulness and Seasonal Retreats

Please use the comment system on this page to OFFER or to REQUEST a ride by stating the date, location, and general needs as a comment. As a good practice, don’t include your contact information until you are ready to make an arrangement with someone else. Remember this is a public website and anything you post is visible to anyone. We will administratively delete messages on a regular basis (probably monthly).

Special Retreats

Facebook EventFor retreats, such as the Family Retreat, Teen Camp, Wake Up! Retreat, etc., we suggest using the Facebook Event page for the retreat. Like above, you can post a message to any Deer Park Facebook Event that the monastery may create for a retreat. Typically, this will only be available for our larger retreats and not typically for a Day of Mindfulness or smaller seasonal retreat. As we open registration for retreats, we will typically add an event on Facebook. Viewing the event on Facebook does not require an account, but if you want to post a comment looking for a ride then you’ll need to have a Facebook account. We are not affiliated with Facebook but we do use them to share mindfulness practices and to share our events.

A Third Option – Public Transit

Public transit is also an option and you can arrive in Escondido via light rail or bus. See our Getting Here page for some details. Whatever you decide, we are happy to know that you are trying to connect with others to share transportation options to the monastery and trust this guide has been helpful. Feel free to comment below with your thoughts and ideas.


Updated on December 28, 2016


21 thoughts on “Rideshare to Deer Park

  1. Dear all,

    I would love to share transportation from Los Angeles to Deer Park on August 4th, and/or from Deer Park to Los Angeles on August 11th.

    With Metta,

    • Hien Nguyen says:

      Hello Vishnu,
      I’m looking for a shareride to Deer Park on Aug. 4. I’m staying at Lake Forest. Thanks!
      Hien Nguyen

      • Will you have access to a car? My current plan is to take the train down and other public transit.

        Look forward to seeing you there!

        • Hien Nguyen says:

          I’m coming from Vietnam and i dont drive here 🙂
          Thinking to take uber since i’m not familiar with public transportation here!

  2. Anja Stadelmann says:

    Hello! I’m looking for a ride back to LA on July 23 for my son whose attending the teen camp. I’d be happy to take somebody to camp on July 18. I can be reached at 323.440.8020.

    Thank you,


  3. Hello, I’m looking for a carpool or ride share from San Diego Airport around noon on Sept 12 for the US Tour Retreat also Back to San Diego after the Retreat on September 17. Thankyou.

    • Hello Kate and Marj,

      I, too, will be arriving at SD airport on morning of 9/12. I’d love to join you in a carpool if you’re able to secure one–if not–perhaps we could pitch in for a shuttle bus together?? Please let me know. 🙂


      • Good morning Mary:) thankyou for your inquiry. Some retreatants have offered me a ride share – however I am sure there are more people out there wanting to carpool – I understand also that for the return on the 17 that during the retreat a sheet goes up and we have an opportunity to sign up for a ride share back to the airport 🙂 look forward to being with you at Deer Park.Marj

  4. Kate Pittard says:

    Hi, I’ll be looking for a ride share from the San Diego airport on Sept. 12 for the retreat. Let me know if it looks possible!

    • Good morning Kate I see you replied to Kenley , I am also interested in ride share to Deer Park on September 12 from San Diego Airport I arrive at 11.35am. Is it possible to all ride together? Not sure how all this works – open to whatever. Marj

    • Hello Kate and Marj,

      I, too, will be arriving at SD airport on morning of 9/12. I’d love to join you in a carpool if you’re able to secure one–if not–perhaps we could pitch in for a shuttle bus together?? Please let me know. 🙂


      • Hi everyone this is Marj again! So it looks like we could fill a van of 6 – I just heard from my contacts that there are three of us and I see Becky, Mary and Julie so far for around noon – this is my first visit to Deer Park so not sure how it all works 🙂 so what happens next? Bowing to you all. Marj

        • Hi Marj, Thanks for getting a roster going for a rideshare to DPM. My flight is actually due in at 8:30am on 9/12. I think Julie’s is in at 10am or so (there may be others on her flight who might need rides as well). Becky is arriving early on 9/8.

          You messaged earlier that someone has offered you a ride already…? If not, let me know. I was thinking of hiring a shuttle if we have a few people or more who need rides from SD airport. I think I will go ahead and book it for noon (for now), and for anyone interested in chipping in for a shuttle, please email me at: mpham77@yahoo.com

          Thanks so much and looking forward to meeting you all!

  5. Hello, I will be arriving at the San Diego Airport on August 12th, 2017 for the fall retreat.
    I would love to share a ride to Deer Park sometime after 10am that day.

    Then I fly home after the retreat on the 17th, my flight leaves around 4pm. So I would love
    to share a ride from Deer Park at 3pm or so on that date.

    Thank you!
    ps there are a couple of us coming from Texas on this same flight.

    • Hi Julie,

      I, too, will be arriving at SD airport on morning of 9/12. I’ve messaged Kate and Marj above regarding carpooling or securing a shuttle together, but I haven’t heard back. My arrival flight will be due in before yours, and my departure would leave after yours on on 9/17 as well. If there are several folks on the same itinerary as you–would you guys like to get a shuttle together?? I can arrange it on my end once I know how many people in total. This goes for anyone else interested in chipping in for a shuttle to/from DPM as well. Please let me know. Thanks, all!


  6. Becky Rosenthal says:

    Hello Friends:

    I am arriving into San Diego on Sept 8th about 9:30am (coming early as a volunteer). I would you like to share a shuttle ride or get a ride to Deer Park. Please contact me so we can discuss options. I’m happy to organize the shuttle.

    Bowing Becky

  7. Jo-ann Rosen says:

    Dear Many Streams Staff, I am arriving on September 27th at the Ontario International Airport and would appreciate a ride or share a shuttle to Harmony Pines. My Plane arrives at 11:40 am. Going my way? jo-ann

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