Rideshare to Deer Park

When planning to visit Deer Park, many friends ask about carpool or rideshare options. Our community is very supportive of finding alternative means of transportation and has practiced a “No Car Day” for many years. We can offer the following suggestions for connecting with others traveling to Deer Park for a day visit or for a retreat.

How to Connect for Rideshare

Please use the comment system on this page (click Reply) to OFFER or to REQUEST a ride by stating the date, location, and general needs as a comment. As a good practice, don’t include your contact information until you are ready to make an arrangement with someone else. Remember this is a public website and anything you post is visible to anyone. We will administratively delete messages on a regular basis.

Another Option – Public Transit

Public transit is also an option and you can arrive in Escondido via light rail or bus. See our Getting Here page for some details. Whatever you decide, we are happy to know that you are trying to connect with others to share transportation options to the monastery and trust this guide has been helpful. Feel free to comment below with your thoughts and ideas.

Updated on June 16, 2021

8 thoughts on “Rideshare to Deer Park

  1. I’ll be flying from the East Coast late Saturday evening, September 4th for the Path of Happiness retreat. Is anyone else coming in that day and want to coordinate travel plans? Thanks, daisy

    • Hi Daisy! I’ll also be flying in Saturday evening for that retreat as well, I’d be interested in coordinating travel plans! Maybe we can exchange information during the Zoom call Sunday

        • William Turek says:

          Hi! My name is Bill and I received the five mindfulness trainings at the summer retreat in July. I live in San Diego county and would be happy to meet you in San Diego the morning of September 5 and take you to Deer Park. I would also be happy to get you back to the airport at the conclusion of the retreat. I drive a 1996 Subaru Legacy station wagon and can take three retreatants in comfort, four in a pinch (3 in the back seat). My email is wbturek at yahoo dot com. Let me know if I can help?

  2. I’ll be attending the Rains Retreat this October, and will be flying to the San Diego International Airport on the 15th of October. I would love to car pool with other attendees, so if you are arriving that day and would like coordinate car pool/travel plans, please reply! Thank you!

  3. I am arriving at the San Diego airport on October 12 in the afternoon for the Rains Retreat this fall. I am interesting in sharing a ride with anyone else coming in on the 12th.

  4. I’m attending a week long retreat from Dec 10-17, 2021 and would like to ride share with someone from San Diego Airport. I’ll be flying in from Philadelphia PA.

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