Rideshare to Deer Park

When planning to visit Deer Park, many friends ask about carpool or rideshare options. Our community is very supportive of finding alternative means of transportation.

Please use the comment system below on this page (click Reply) to OFFER or to REQUEST a ride by stating the date, location, and general needs as a comment. As a good practice, don’t include your contact information until you are ready to make an arrangement with someone else. Remember this is a public website and anything you post is visible to anyone. 

Once a month, we delete outdated messages.

20 responses to “Rideshare to Deer Park”

  1. Dear Friends…I will be attending the BIPOC Retreat – May 8th through May 12. I’d like to rideshare / carpool.

      • Hello, I am also attending the BIPOC Retreat and interested in carpooling. I will be flying in to San Diego.

      • Hi Dongming….
        I thought I’d just forwarded an email to you but I’m not sure it was received. So I’m trying again. Please forgive my long delay. I had not been checking this page. If you are still available, I would like to travel with you. I am located in South Gate/Downey (right off the 710 Fwy and 105 Fwy). I can also come to you if you are in the general LA area. I think we’ll get back earlier enough on Sunday for me to be able to drive home before dark from wherever we meet. I look forward to hearing back from you.

  2. Traveling from the Pomona Valley area for the BIPOC retreat May 8-12th, if anyone in the area is attending and would like to carpool 🙂

    • Hello Dongming. I have not been checking this page! Please forgive this long delay in responding. I live in South Gate/Downey area (right of the 710 Fwy and 105 Fwy). However, I can meet you if you are in the LA area. Because the days are longer, I expect there will still be time to drive home before dark.

      Eisha Mason

  3. Hello dear friends,

    I am looking for a carpool from Oakland/Bay Area for the BIPOC retreat on Wednesday, May 8th.

    I am also looking for a ride from Deer Park to the airport on Sunday May 12th in the mid-morning to catch a flight.

    Please let me know if these intersect with your path at all.
    Thank you,

  4. Hello,
    I am volunteering for the Young Adult retreat, arriving 4/2 and departing on 4/13. Would love to offer to carpool with any Bay Area friends
    <3 Heather

  5. Rideshare REQUEST
    BIPOC Retreat
    May 8-12

    Arriving to San Diego Airport. Looking to carpool from airport or San Diego.

    If no drivers available, happy to split the cost of a rental car.

    • Hi Lily! I’m looking to share a shuttle to/from the airport. What time do you arrive on Wed, 8 May? I arrive at 1 pm – but thinking of switching to the earlier flight arriving 11:40 am. My return flight departs 6:30 pm Sun May 12.

      Let me know if you might be interested in sharing a shuttle (I’m not entirely sure how the shuttles work but saw something about reduced prices if there are multiple passengers.)

  6. Hi Claire and Kimberly, I’m arriving at San Diego the morning of the 7th as well and I’d love to share a ride with folk headed to the monastery. Shoot me an email if I could join y’all for the journey. Peace and Blessings. connor.rivers11@gmail.com

    BIPOC Retreat
    May 8-12

    Dear friends:
    I am looking to share an airport shuttle from SAN airport to Deer Park on Wed May 8 ( I arrive either 11:40 am or 1 pm) and back to the airport (my flight departs 6:30 pm Sun May 12).
    Let me know if you might be interested! There might be one or two others flying from/back to Oakland, in which case we could share the shuttle cost multiple ways.
    A manzanita blossom for you!

    • Hi Marcia,

      I arrive the day before and fly out a few days after the retreat.

      Do you know if the cost for the shuttle is reduced if we are two people?

      Perhaps I can try to make it to the airport again.

      My email is lily.xo-@hotmail.com if you (or anyone part of the BIPOC retreat) would like to coordinate.

      Warmest wishes,


    • Hi Marcia,
      I am attending the BIPOC retreat May 8-12 as well. Est arriving time at SAN at 12:50 pm and back to the airport on Sun on 10am.
      I would like to share a ride with you. (I go with my son and mom so we are a group of 3).
      My email is vitran2905@gmail.com

  8. Hello,
    I would like to have a share ride with someone going for the BIPOC retreat from the San Diego airport on May 8th. my flight lands around 11am but I can wait for another person who arrives later.

    Thank you,

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