Rideshare to Deer Park

When planning to visit Deer Park, many friends ask about carpool or rideshare options. Our community is very supportive of finding alternative means of transportation and has practiced a “No Car Day” for many years. We can offer the following suggestions for connecting with others traveling to Deer Park for a day visit or for a retreat.

How to Connect for Rideshare

Please use the comment system on this page (click Reply) to OFFER or to REQUEST a ride by stating the date, location, and general needs as a comment. As a good practice, don’t include your contact information until you are ready to make an arrangement with someone else. Remember this is a public website and anything you post is visible to anyone. We will administratively delete messages on a regular basis.

Another Option – Public Transit

Public transit is also an option and you can arrive in Escondido via light rail or bus. See our Getting Here page for some details. Whatever you decide, we are happy to know that you are trying to connect with others to share transportation options to the monastery and trust this guide has been helpful. Feel free to comment below with your thoughts and ideas.

Updated on June 16, 2021

56 thoughts on “Rideshare to Deer Park

  1. Hello Friends,
    I am looking for a ride to Deer Park on July 18th to attend the Summer Retreat. I arrive around 12:30pm to the San Diego Airport. If you are able to provide a ride, or would like to arrange a shuttle, please let me know! THANK YOU!

    • William Turek says:

      Jeff – I would be happy to pick you up at the airport. I could also bring to back after the close of the retreat if you would like.

      • Hi William – that’s wonderful. Thank you so much! You can email me at jeff.itaa [at] gmail.com and we can exchange contact info.

  2. OFFERING rides from Westside Los Angeles to Deer Park Monestary July 18 and back to WLA July 22. I’m looking to arrive at the retreat around 2 or 3 PM. Please reply to my comment if interested.

    • Thank you for this kind offer, Kady Le. I would appreciate a ride to the retreat. I will be staying with friends in Redondo Beach the night before, and would be glad to meet at a convenient spot to drive to the retreat together. I will be flying back out of San Diego after the retreat. Thank you for considering!

      • Hi Kady and Tammy, I’m not sure if you have access to my email, so sharing it again if you are still willing to carpool from West LA to the retreat. It’s lindsroberts at gmail dot com. Thank you!

        • hi, I’m so sorry, I just saw this. Unfortunately I’m no longer offering rides. My boyfriend who lives in San Diego will drive me to the retreat.

      • Hi Tammy, so sorry. I’ve actually decided to take the train to San Diego and my boyfriend will drive me to the retreat

      • Hi Tammy, Would you be interested in sharing transport together from LA to the retreat? I’m looking into public transit, car share, or car rental to get down there, however I don’t know the area well, coming from Colorado. If this would be helpful to you, my email is lindsroberts at gmail dot com. Thanks!

  3. I’m offering a ride from Chandler AZ to the Deer Park Monastery Summer Retreat, June 18th to June 24th. It would be great if you’d be able to assist in driving. My goal is to arrive at Deer Park by 2:00pm on the 18th, via Interstate 10 and Interstate 8. I have an automatic Subaru. Please reply to this comment if interested.

    • Richard A Johnson says:

      I’m offering a round-trip ride from Chandler AZ for the Summer Retreat 2021 (as listed above). I’m changing the route I’m taking to Interstate 10 and 215 (not Interstate 8). All other information remains unchanged.

  4. Tina Nguyen says:

    Hello friends,

    I’m flying in from minneapolis and super excited to be joining you for the Summer Retreat July 18th -24th. I’d really appreciate a ride share with someone. I’ll arrive at the San Diego airport at 1:05 pm on the 18th and leaving at 7:19 pm on the 24th. Would you be willing to help me get to the center? And if even bring me back, but not really necessary if it’s not in your plan for return trip. Thank you so much!

    • William Turek says:

      Tina – I am already planning on picking up another retreatant at 12:30, so adding you would be no problem! My email is wbturek at yahoo dot com if you want to get back n touch!

        • William Turek says:

          Ben, I am sorry but for everyone’s safety and comfort, including mine, I am going to have to say no. I hope that you’ll be able to make other arrangements to get to the retreat.

        • William Turek says:

          Ben – Tina just let me know that she has made other arrangements for getting to the retreat, so I have an open spot. Email me at wbturek at yahoo.com with your contact and flight information?

    • Hello Tina, I will be looking for a ride or shuttle share after the retreat has ended and my flight out is at 7:50pm on July 24. I would be glad to connect with you or others if that would be helpful! Thank you!

      • Tina Nguyen says:

        My flight leaves at 2 pm so a lot earlier than yours 🙁 but if you know anyone leaving earlier to be at the airport around noon, I’d love more info on that! My email is bluecastle2014 at gmail dot com. Thank you Linds!

  5. Paul Blanchard says:

    Requesting a ride or share a shuttle from San Diego Airport. I am scheduled to arrive at 10:34 am on July 18.
    Thanks, Paul

    • William Turek says:

      Paul – you would fill my carpool up, but I am meeting other retreatants at 12:30 -1:00. If you don’t mind having lunch in San Diego near the airport after I pick you up, we could all ride up to Deer Park together. Let me know if that works for you – I am at wbturek at yahoo dot com.

      • Aarti Awasthi says:

        William, I am a “retreatant” arriving to San Diego Airport( SAN) @ 11:55 on 18th & looking to return to the airport on 24th July by 4:00( ETD @ 5:55). Please let me know if you have space in your car. Happy to pitch in for gas. THANK YOU.

        • William Turek says:

          Aarti, I am sorry but for everyone’s safety and comfort, including mine, I am going to have to say no. I hope that you’ll be able to make other arrangements to get to the retreat.

          • Aarti Awasthi says:

            Thanks for writing back! I wrote to you before I realized you have 2+ people already riding with you.

  6. Laura Ferry says:

    Hello Dear Friends,

    I am elated to be attending the Summer retreat with you all! I am looking for a ride both to and from San Diego Airport.

    My flight arrives at 9:04 am on the 18th and departs at 8:45 pm on the 24h. Assistance with transportation in either direction would be deeply appreciated. I am happy to contribute gas money.

    Thank you and be safe and well until then!

  7. Jon Campbell says:


    I’m looking for a ride to and from Pasadena, CA to attend the one-week seasonal retreat from July 2nd to the 9th. I’m happy to help pay for gas.

    Thank you,


  8. Hi there,
    I am attending the weekend retreat this week and arrive to San Diego airport at 12:15 pm Friday 9th. I wonder if anybody can help me with the ride. I really appreciate your help.
    Thank you,

  9. Jordan Kersten says:

    Hello dear friends,

    I will be attending the Summer Retreat coming up from 7/18-7/24, and I am looking for a ride from San Diego to the monastery on Sunday, 7/18. I am flexible with time and I will be coming from Little Italy area in SD. I’d of course help pay for gas, and I greatly appreciate your consideration! Looking forward to meeting you this retreat.



    • Requesting a ride from/to LA (San Fernando Valley) or Orange county (Fullerton) for the summer retreat from 7/18-7/24. I will gladly split the price of gas! 🙂

    • Laura Ferry says:

      Hello Jordan,

      I will be flying into San Diego airport on the morning of the 18th. I am not familiar with the area, but it appears as though Little Italy is not too far from the airport. Is that correct? I would be happy to share an Uber or Lyft with you to bring the cost of transportation down for us both. ☺

  10. Requesting a ride from/to LA (San Fernando Valley) or Orange county (Fullerton) for the summer retreat from 7/18-7/24. I will gladly split the price of gas! 🙂

  11. Guy Fairon says:

    Requesting a ride to Deer Park on July 12th or 13th. I will be be serving as staff. I haven’t yet booked my flight, so right now a ride from either San Diego or Los Angeles would work! Thank you so much

  12. Laura Ferry says:

    Hello Friends,

    Would anyone like to share an Uber on Sunday July 18 and/or Saturday July 24 – to and from the Summer retreat? I will be traveling from the San Diego airport on the 18th, and returning on the 24th.

    Alternatively, if anyone is coming from/returning to the San Diego airport on those dates I will happily contribute to the cost of fuel in exchange for a ride.

    Thank you!!!!

  13. Hello Laura,
    I will arrive to SD airport at 9:30 am on Sunday 07/18 and return on Saturday July 24 right after the retreat ends as my flight at 5:55 PM. if it works out, I would like to share an Uber or shutter ride with you for the round trip. You can contact me at lien_pham338@hotrmail.com. Thank you,

  14. David Gambill says:

    My 17-year-old son is going to the summer retreat & needs a ride from the San Diego airport to Deer Park on July 18. I would normally be with him, but I have to stay home to care for my wife in the last stages of Alzheimer’s (thus our son is going on retreat.) He arrives at the airport from San Francisco at 10:35 a.m on the 18th.
    Can anyone get our son from the San Diego airport to DeerParK? Please let me know. Thank you.

  15. Ben Portzen says:

    Hello friends. I will be arriving at the San Diego airport around 10:00AM on the 18th and am looking for a ride to deer park. I would be more than happy to pay for the cost of gas.

  16. Hello friends, I have booked an EZ Ridge shuttle seat returning to the airport on Saturday, July 24, with a pick up time of 5:35pm at Deer Park if anyone is interested in taking the same shuttle. My email address is lindsroberts at gmail dot com if you would like to connect.

  17. Ezridershuttle.com costs $124 for the round trip( 36.7 miles one way). I’ve booked through them. The Monastery is expecting 200 retreatants so I expect the wait time at the airport will be rather short. They need 24 hours notice to book online, otherwise you may have to call them. You can keep that as a backup option in case you don’t find a ride.Good luck.

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