Register for a Retreat

Register for a Retreat

At Deer Park Monastery, we offer seasonal retreats (see below) and special retreats. Seasonal retreats offer participants the opportunity to enjoy the daily schedule of the monastery and the basic practices such as sitting meditation, walking meditation, and mindful eating. Special retreats are 3-5 days and include basic practices as well as Dharma talks based on the theme of the retreat, Dharma family groups for working and sharing, and a schedule that incorporates special activities.

Seasonal Retreats


Please note that not all Fridays are arrival days and the dates listed below are the only arrival days and for the period of time listed next to the date. We kindly ask that you register at least one week in advance, as registration will close a few days prior to the arrival date to make preparations.

  • September 16, 2022: Clarity Hamlet will receive guests for 1-2 weeklong retreats / Solidity Hamlet will receive guests for weekend and 1-2 weeklong retreats
  • September 23, 2022: Clarity Hamlet will receive guests for 1-2 weeklong retreats/ Solidity Hamlet will not receive guests on this day
  • September 30, 2022: Clarity Hamlet and Solidity Hamlet will receive guests for 1-2 weeklong retreats
  • October 7, 2022: Clarity Hamlet will receive guests for 1-2 weeklong retreats/ Solidity Hamlet will not receive guests on this day
  • October 14, 2022: Clarity Hamlet and Solidity Hamlet will receive guests for 1-2 weeklong retreats
  • October 21, 2022: Clarity Hamlet will receive guests for 1-2 weeklong retreats/ Solidity Hamlet will not receive guests on this day
  • October 28, 2022: Clarity Hamlet and Solidity Hamlet will receive guests for 1-2 weeklong retreats
  • November 4, 2022: Clarity Hamlet will receive guests for 1-2 weeklong retreats/ Solidity Hamlet will not receive guests on this day
  • November 11, 2022: Clarity Hamlet and Solidity Hamlet will receive guests for 1-2 weeklong retreats
  • November 18, 2022: Clarity Hamlet will receive guests for 1-2 weeklong retreats/ Solidity Hamlet will not receive guests on this day
  • November 25, 2022: Clarity Hamlet and Solidity Hamlet will receive guests for 1-2 weeklong retreats
  • December 2, 2022: Clarity Hamlet will receive guests for 1-2 weeklong retreats/ Solidity Hamlet will not receive guests on this day
  • December 9, 2022: Clarity Hamlet and Solidity Hamlet will receive guests for 1 weeklong retreats


  • Tent – Adult $50/night | Teen $40/night | Child $25/night
  • 6 Bed Dorm – Adult $65/night | Teen $50/night | Child $35/ night
  • 3 Bed Dorm – Adult $90/night | Teen $60/night | Child $45/ night


A limited number of scholarships are available through a new grant we have received from the Hemera Foundation. To learn more and apply, visit the grant information page.


Only the dates listed above should be entered below as your arrival date. The duration should coincide with the date selected.

Begin Here to Register

Everyone must be fully vaccinated, including the booster, for COVID-19 and be able provide proof of vaccination.

Important Information

Seasonal retreats at Deer Park Monastery are available during many months of the year. Guests register to practice mindfulness with the community while following the daily schedule of the monastery. Accommodation options include a space in a dorm room or bringing your own tent to camp in our campgrounds. Depending on the availability of the specific arrival day, guests may register for a weekend, one week, or two weeks. Seasonal retreats are residential retreats; therefore, commuting is not an option.

To support stability in our practice, we observe designated arrival and departure days. All seasonal retreats start on Friday afternoon with a check-in time between 2 and 4 PM. Please arrange to arrive during check-in time. One and two week-long retreats end on Friday at 9 AM. Weekend retreats end on Sunday around 3 PM.

The monastery is requiring that all guests are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and have received a booster shot if eligible, prior to their arrival day to the monastery. We ask that all guests please bring face masks for indoor activities.

Due to the ever changing situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, we ask for your understanding and support whenever Deer Park Monastery deems that immediate closure is necessary to ensure the health and safety of our monastic and lay friends. We strongly suggest that registered guests get travel insurance and/or refundable travel tickets, as we may not be able to give much notice before an imminent closure. In the case that the monastery closes prior to your arrival, your registration payment would be fully refunded as quickly as conditions allow. 

Where do you stay for a Seasonal Retreat?

Deer Park Monastery is comprised of two hamlets. Clarity Hamlet is where nuns (women) reside, and Solidity Hamlet is where monks (men) reside. During your visit, most of the practice will take place in the hamlet where you reside. The only exceptions are for the early morning sitting meditation and bi-weekly Day of Mindfulness, during which time we practice together. If you are staying in Clarity, you will follow the Clarity schedule. And if you stay in Solidity, you will follow the Solidity schedule. 

Clarity Hamlet has accommodations (both camping and dorms) for those who identify as female, including same-gender female couples.

Solidity Hamlet has accommodations (both camping and dorms) for those who identify as male, including couples where one person is male.

We will support our gender non-conforming friends by identifying the most supportive hamlet and accommodations for your stay. Please feel free to make a note for us in the registration form. You will be assigned a hamlet based on the information provided in your registration form.

Special Retreats

All our special 3-5 day retreats are listed on our Retreat Calendar.

142 responses to “Register for a Retreat”

  1. Thank you for your response! That’s good news. I have a question: Can i sleep in my SUV, ideally i would park in the camping area if that is acceptable.

    • Typically, yes you can sleep in your vehicle. However, this is only an option in the parking lot. If you choose to vehicle camp, then please work with the registration office staff.

    • Everyone attending needs to be vaccinated. Even with having covid, you can still carry it and also get it again.

  2. Dear Community, I cannot take part in the retreat on March 13 , I already registered. Melitta Müller

  3. Brother Joy,
    I have a question about the Spanish Speaking weekend please. The Retreat flyer on the Book Store window says there is a Spanish Speaking Weekend from March 18-20. I would like to register for that but I don’t see it on the events calendar online to register. Is the event canceled? Please et me know. Regards, Sunny

    • Mark, but retreat are you planning to attend on Wednesday? I don’t believe we have anything scheduled for this week.

  4. Hello Brother Joy, I am referring to the Wake Up retreat orientation on Wednesday April 6. I would ideally like to get there by 6 but wanted to see if I have flexibility to arrive at 7 or 7:30 without missing orientation.

  5. Dear Brother Joy,
    I am fully vaccinated but without the booster, can I still join the retreat? As my body has strong side effects on the vaccinations and I have no plan to do a booster. Thank you.

  6. My aspirations and goals in life have led me to plum village and I am dedicated to spreading the Darmha and helping those who are nearing death to accept impermanence and be at peace when they move into the next form of life. My goals and aspirations also include becoming a monastic in order to support my practice and to support the practice of others, because of this I would like to inquire about starting the 5 year monastic program. However I’m not sure which registration form to fill out in order to begin the process. I wish for nothing except an opportunity to try monastic life and meet more of my Brothers and Sisters. Sincerely Milze V Gray.

    • What a wonderful aspiration. We are fortunate right now to have quite a few young Aspirant living at the monastery. The best path to take is to register for a two week stay and then while you were here you can make a request to remain longer. I please contact our registration office for more information. You can email them at

  7. Dear Brothers and Sisters
    Is it possible for my wife and I to have a private room at a retreat?
    Thank you

    • This depends greatly on when you visit us. But most often we do allow couples to stay in a room together if we’re not overly booked. Your best place to ask this question is with our registration office. You can email them at

  8. On this Friday (3/25), after we check in, will there be places for me to have a online meeting between 3-4pm? Will there be wifi available to use?

    • The WiFi is very limited to certain hours (and for a fee), so it might be better to have your meeting in town and then come up after.

  9. Hello, I was wondering if you will be offering retreats for the months of May and June as I see that your seasonal retreat schedule stops at the end of April.

    • We don’t have any retreats in May, and in June it’s only the Teen Camp. That said, we will likely have weekend or weeklong stays during that period. We just don’t have that schedule yet.

  10. Hello Brother Joy-

    I have received both vaccination shots but have not received the booster. May I still come?

  11. Hello Brother Joy. I see a previous comment on here that sleeping in our car is allowed for the seasonal retreat. How much is it per night if I choose this option?

  12. Brother Joy,

    We would love to take part in your April 22 weekend retreat. However, our son is still unvaccinated since the CDC has not yet authorized COVID vaccinations for children under 5 years. Can we register for this retreat?

    • Thank you for asking. Unfortunately, not at this time. The monastic sangha will be revisiting our covid protocols again in June.

  13. Hi for the wake up retreat im not able to attend from the beginning April 6 but can attend April 9-10. Can I still be a part of the retreat if I show up then? If so how does one register with that date adjustment? Thank you so much!

  14. Hi, this is my first time going on a retreat. I registered and paid for the Wake-Up retreat April 6-10pm (today). I am waiting for the confirmation email and am wondering because flights on April 6 dont arrive in San Diego until 6-8pm, I am planning to flying in tomorrow April 5 and land 8pm. Is it possible I can come 1 night early to participate in 6am meditation?

    Also, what is covered with the 6 bedroom dorm? Unsure if I have to bring my own bedding, pillow etc.

    I’ve also emailed registration office.

    Thank you!

  15. I tried calling today as I booked flights and would fly out tomorrow. It said the office is closed Tuesday-Saturday. Is that true? Thank you so much for giving in direction!

    • Office is closed Sunday and Monday. Will be in again tomorrow. There is a chance they will check on that today.

  16. Hi Brother Joy,

    I am hoping to join a retreat. Have both my vaccinations but unable to get my booster (until further notice) until doctor advises due to a neurological condition. I have doctor notes and everything needed for this. Am I able to still attend a retreat?

  17. Hello Brother Joy,

    Are there plans to open the monastery for additional weekend retreats during the summer months?

    Thank you

    • Yes, it will probably have more through the end of spring and into the summer. We just need to wait until the community decides on with those dates will be.

  18. Dear Brother Joy,
    I cannot get this vaccine due to prior vaccine injury. We cannot give it to our child as the risks of myocarditis in 16-24 boys is too high per our doctors. We are curious when you are lifting this measure, since CDC says this vaccine does not prevent contamination and contagion, vaccinated people do transmit the virus and there is no reason to be more in fear of unvaccinated than of vaccinated. (The only claim by manufacturers and CDC on this vaccine is that is lessens the symptoms.) Thanks a lot, hoping you open to all regardless of gender, color and vaccine status soon.

    • Thank you Clara for sharing your experience. The monastic continues to look at the covid protocols that protects both the 60 residents of the monastery and for those who come to visit us. My understanding is they will revisit the protocols in June.

  19. Dear sisters and brothers, are there any retreats in October and November ? My husband and I would love to attend. Thank you so much.

    • We will be in the midst of our 90-day retreat during that time (September 15-December 15) and there is a good chance we will invite people to come for a weekend or week too. Unfortunately, those details won’t be known until much closer to September.

  20. I follow a different religion but very much into practicing meditation and mindfulness can I still attend a seasonal retreat?

  21. Hi there, I greatly appreciate all the programs you have provided. I’m interested in the Seasonal Retreats but will be traveling until mid-May. Will you be adding more arrival days for Seasonal Retreats after the May 6th 2022 date for the summer during June or July? Thank you in advance!

    • Yes, we will likely have some seasonal retreats in June and July. We also have a regular retreat in July. The dates will be posted, we hope, soon.😊

  22. Hello friend I am inquiring again about when the next opportunity to come for a two week retreat would be? I am very interested in the 5 year monastic program and would like to try and start the process as soon as possible I am fully vaccinated and ready at the first opportunity.

    • Thank you for touching base again. The month of May is typically our “down” month with not much offered. That’s why we only have the 1-week arrival on Friday. We have some 1-week and 2-weeks stays starting in June but those dates have not yet been determined. Everything on this page is up-to-date and changed as we make decisions as a sangha.

  23. Hi there,
    May 13, 2022: Weekend retreat only in Solidity Hamlet – Is this open to men and women?
    Thanks in advance

    • Yes, on occasion women are able to stay in solidity Hamlet for the weekend. It’s best to contact our registration office staff. Use the Contact link at the top of the page.

  24. I was curious about this too. Seems like only women are allowed on Clarity Hamlet which don’t fall under a weekend retreat. Hope we get an answer soon!

    • Yes, Clarity Hamlet rarely has a weekend retreat. The monastery has two hamlets (Solidty and Clarity) and each makes their own decisions regarding guests.

  25. Dear brothers and sisters, I am an Argentine lay practitioner. I take refuge in the sangha del Buen Ayre, a community in the tradition of Plum Village. I am considering ordination. Besides my practice, I have read and studied many Thich Nhat Hanh’s most beloved books.
    The Plum Village website says that as a candidate for the novitiate I should stay in either Plum Village Monastery for at least three months. In this way I can observe whether or not you have a strong monastic vocation.
    What should I do to become a candidate for the novitiate? May I telephone someone to ask some questions? Thank you so much!!!

    • Dear Nicolas,
      Thank you for writing. And would enjoy to hear that you may wish to ordain into our community. It is true that coming for three months is the best path forward. This is set up so that you can get to know the community better and that the community can get to know you better too. Most of the time we recommend coming for the annual rains retreat which for Deer Park is starting in mid September. You could come sooner, starting with a two weeks day and then requesting to stay longer. If you have another type of specific question, you can reply here or you can use our contact form and select the option to speak with a Dharma teacher.

      Brother Joy

  26. Thank you, dear Brother Joy! On your website I am not able to register for the annual rains retreat. May you adapt it in the system, please? Could you make an exception for someone who is considering ordination?
    What are the prices for the retreat?

    • Unfortunately, things don’t quite work that way. We are not able to open registration until all the details are available, including cost. This will occur sometime this summer.

  27. hello of i had one after vaccines. but i had quite the rough reaction I have been in the park a few times before I wonder if I will still be welcomed if im not fully vaccinated.

    • It may be possible, but this writer is not 100% certain. Please use the Contact form to reach out to the registration office.

    • I think all meals would have gluten-free options. There we almost always have tofu and veggies, plus some type of legume periodically. I hope this helps.

  28. Hello, trying to register for retreat on June 3rd. Date june 3rd is blocked (shows pink) in calendar when trying to register. Information above says the retreat begins June 3rd. Thank you for your time.

    • Please make certain you have selected “One Week” from the drop down. It’s right under where you pick the date. Please let us know.

  29. brother joy you mentioned that having had covid you can get it again, which is why deer park is requiring vaccination. this is also true with having the vaccine, in fact the science is showing repeated infections in fully vaccinated people, in fact there is research that shows that artificial immunity created from vaccination is short lived and there is an increased immune response in the upper respiratory track and therefore can become more contagious. i understand the desire to keep the monastics and practitioners safe and i appreciate it. because both vaccinated and unvaccinated folks can spread covid, in this case, negative antigen tests would be the most effective policy. I understand the policy was made before what science and life has revealed over the last 2 plus years. This policy creates division, exclusion and is discriminatory. there are many reasons why folks cannot and will not get vaccinated and this policy essentially excludes them from the sangha. i am open to discussing as i would like to understand the rationale better and I know this issue can be quite triggering.

    • Thank you Kelli for sharing your perspective. I hear where you are coming from and, as you likely know, it is challenging to meet everyones needs when it comes to covid. Some folks appreciate the policy and others feel excluded. In our ongoing effort, the monastic sangha has met periodically over the last 2+ years to discuss and review the recommendations from experts on how best to protect the sangha. No doubt this will be reviewed again in the coming months and any changes will be shared with the broader community.

  30. Hi Brothers and Sisters!

    I am so appreciative that you offer these wonderful retreats for laypeople to come and join you in learning about the dharma! I would love to participate in one of your upcoming retreats, but I have a medical condition which would necessitate me staying in a hotel or motel room rather than in group quarters or a tent. I was wondering if it is ok for those in attendance to stay in a nearby hotel or motel, and quietly arrive on time each morning, without disturbing the other guests. I would still gladly pay any fees associated with reserving a dorm room even if stayed offsite for the retreat, it is just that I would need a private room in order to attend, and that would be easiest in a nearby motel or hotel as I know you cannot offer single accommodations at Deer Park.

    thank you so much for all of your hard work and sacrifices on behalf of the order of interbeing! you are all lights in the world, shining the work of Master Thay into eternity. We love you all so much! 🙂 🙂

    Kind regards,


  31. Hello dear Dina,

    Please know that all of our retreats here at Deer Park are residential retreats. As such, we kindly ask that all guests stay here on site and not stay elsewhere outside of the monastery. Thank you for your understanding.

    With you on the path,
    Deer Park Monastery
    Registration Office

  32. Thank you so much for your quick response! I thought that may be the case, and very much appreciate your taking the time to explain. As an alternative, I registered for 2 separate upcoming days of mindfulness, so that our family is able to stay in a nearby lodging, as we will be traveling from north LA County to participate in the sangha. We look forward to seeing you soon!

    Warm regards,


  33. How do I upload the vaccination card? I received a voicemail that the registration team needed my son’s (Bryan Nguyen) vaccination card. If someone could let me know how to upload or whom to send it to, I’d appreciated it. Good night.

    • We don’t have any scheduled yet, but we may know more later today or tomorrow. If we do, it will most likely be on June 24th.

  34. Greetings Deer Park Sangha,

    I am wondering when new dates will be posted for seasonal retreats this summer. I am looking into early August. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • These should be posted soon, and it looks like only one arrival day in August for a 1-week stay. August 12.

    • The Sunday Days of Mindfulness haven’t been scheduled yet, but we could have ones on the 17th & 24th. Pending confirmation. At this time, it doesn’t look like we have any overnight stays in the month of July. I hope this helps.

  35. Hi brother/Sister,

    I see that there’s no weekend retreat at Solidity hamlet. Is it possible to make exception for June 24th?

    Sister D notified me of this upcoming week’s retreat and of the neuroscience retreat in the month of August and i’m interested to be there as often as I can.


  36. Will there ever be a weekend retreat for male lay participants?

    Just wondering why only clarity has weekend retreats and not every guy can do 1 week at a time

    • At this time, we only have the July dates. But please check back again to see if the sisters open something up in August.

  37. I’m interested in attending a retreat. I haven’t done one before. I was thinking about registering for the one starting on July 15th, but I have something to do on the evening of the 21st. Would it be possible to leave early on the 21st rather than the 22nd?

  38. Hello, I’m registered for the Family Retreat but am unsure what I should bring. Do I need bedding if I’m staying in the dorm? Thank you. 🙏

  39. Forgive me if I missed the information somewhere, but I couldn’t find any information regarding any additional costs involved in the retreats. Aside from the cost of lodging, are there additional costs such as meals or is that covered through lodging expenses? Thanks

    • The cost listed on this page reflects lodging, food, and program activities. No additional costs (unless you forget to bring bedding).

  40. Are there private bathrooms? Is food included in the cost?
    Do you have any retreats in December? Thanks

    • Each dorm room has it’s own bathroom. If you are camping, it is communal. Yes, food is included. We will have a retreat at the end of December (the Holiday Retreat) and possibly some weekend and weeklong stays.

  41. Is it ok to bring a gift for the monastics? And if so, curious if they like honey, I realize it’s not vegan … TYSM

  42. Hi there,

    I’ve never attended a retreat here but am wondering what a typical schedule looks like for a weekend seasonal retreat that isn’t themed. I know its a mix of walking and sitting meditation as well as mindful eating, but is there any other info you can share? Also, are participants expected to attend every meditation/follow the entire schedule strictly?

    • If you need your own space, we encourage you to register for camping. With the food, we make an effort to include ingredients and you can always ask at meals. Or share here what types of allergies you have and we can share if that will be an issue.

  43. Hello, I am so sorry – something came up and my boyfriend (Enoch Vega) and I (Olivia Hom) will not be able to attend the retreat on August 21. We hope to make it to one in the future.

  44. Hi. My son and I just enjoyed a lovely retreat in Alaska with Brothers Dharma Embrace, Peace and Humility. My family would love to visit Deer Park. Could we come as a family (Mother, Father, son and daughter) to a week or weekend of the seasonal retreat at the end of October or early November? Thanks for your time.

    • Happy to hear from you. And to know you enjoyed the recent retreat. Yes, we will have some week-long stays posted soon for October and November. They should be posted on this page today or tomorrow.

    • Yes, you would be able to register for up to two weeks in the next day or two. We are finalizing the dates and they’ll be posted on this page.

  45. Hi. Can kids come to a week long retreat during the seasonal retreat? If we’re a family of boys and girls which hamlet would we stay in? Thank you.

  46. Dear Brother Joy and Sangha,
    I noticed that there is only one weekend (9/16) listed. 1) Will Deer Park be offering other weekend stays and when will they be posted? 2) Would an 8 month old baby be allowed to these weekend stays in 3 bed dorm with parents as long as he is fully vaccinated? 3) Where would the parents and 8 month old baby boy stay- Clarity or Solidity Hamlet? Thank you!

    • Hello Linh. Thank you for the question. During our 90-Day Retreat we will only be offering one and two week visits except on the opening weekend (9/16). If your family includes a male adult, then you would stay in Solidity Hamlet. Any vaccinated person is welcome to attend. I hope this helps with the questions.

  47. Dear Brother Joy, Can kids come to a week long retreat during the seasonal retreat? If we’re a family of boys and girls which hamlet would we stay in? Thank you.

  48. Hello, are there any weekend retreats in the Clarity hamlet? I work on weekdays and therefore can’t make it for the weeklong retreat. Thank you

  49. I would like to attend the year-end retreat or another weekend retreat. We are a couple with a 12-year-old. Is there a family option, such as a 3-bed cabin?

    • We have many families join us for the year-end retreat, so that would be a good option. For the next few months, we won’t any weekend retreats except the 1-2 you see on this page.

  50. Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Monastery,

    For the Seasonal Retreat which we may register for up to two weeks, is there an option to extend beyond two weeks as one could during the 90 day rains retreat?

  51. Who cleans the dorm bathroom?
    Can I attend a week long retreat by myself without a companion? How will this affect other guests?
    Thank you,

    • We have many individuals who attend the retreats. If you register for a dorm, you will be placed in a room with others. The rooms are clean when you arrive and the bathrooms are usually cleaned between guest stays.

  52. May I ask if there will be other weekend retreats available from now until December? So far I can only see 9/16, Friday as the receiving day for weekend retreatants. I have work during weekdays so I would really appreciate other opportunities in October or November to come for a weekend retreat. Thanks so much!

    • For the 90-Day Retreat we are only accepting weekend visitor on this opening weekend happening right now. There may be some in December, but in all likelihood it won’t be until the new year.

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