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At Deer Park Monastery, we offer seasonal retreats and special retreats. Seasonal retreats offer participants the opportunity to enjoy the daily schedule of the monastery and the basic practices such as sitting meditation, walking meditation, and mindful eating. Special retreats include basic practices as well as Dharma talks based on the theme of the retreat, Dharma family groups for working and sharing, and a schedule that incorporates special activities.

Seasonal Retreat Schedule

Please see current available arrival dates in the Seasonal Retreat description below.

Special Retreat Schedule

Family Retreat: June 20-24, 2018
Teen Camp: July 17-22, 2018

Seasonal Retreat

Seasonal retreats at Deer Park Monastery are available during many months of the year. Guests register to practice mindfulness with the community while following the daily schedule of the monastery. Accommodation options include a space in a dorm room or bringing your own tent to camp in our campgrounds. Depending on the availability of the specific arrival day, guests may apply to register for one week or two weeks. Seasonal retreats are residential retreats; therefore, commuting is not an option.

To support stability in our practice, we observe designated arrival and departure days. All seasonal retreats start on Friday afternoon with a check-in time between 2 and 4 PM. Seasonal retreats end on Friday at 9 AM. Please note that not all Fridays are arrival days. For availability, please see the list of currently available arrival dates below.

Note about 3-bed dorms:

Currently, 3-bed dorms are only available for men and/or families.

Notes about extending your stay:

For the possibility of an extended stay please contact the registration office.

Currently available seasonal retreat dates:

April 6: (1 week or 2 weeks)
April 27: (1 week or 2 weeks)
May 4: (1 week)
May 25: (1 week or 2 weeks)
June 1: (1 week or 2 weeks)
June 8: (1 week)
June 29: (1 week or 2 weeks)
July 6: (1 week)
July 27: (1 week)
August 17: (1 week or 2 weeks)
August 24: (1 week or 2 weeks)
August 31: (1 week)


  • Tent– Adult $50/night | Teen $40/night | Child $25/night
  • 6 Bed Dorm – Adult $60/night | Teen $50/night | Child $35/ night
  • 3 Bed Dorm – Adult $70/night | Teen $60/night | Child $45/ night

To apply to register for a seasonal retreat, reserve one campground space or one dorm room space per person. Guests must provide their own tents for camping registrations. Currently, 3-bed dorms are only available for men and/or families during seasonal retreat.
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Family Retreat

June 20-24, 2018

Registration opening date: April 4, 2018

With the practice of mindfulness as the base, we will learn to practice deep listening and loving speech to nourish true harmony within our families. During this retreat, we shall learn to practice together as an extended family and to support each other at home, in the workplace, and at school. At times, parents and children will be together and at other times, they practice separately. It is a precious chance for the whole family to be in a practice setting and learn new ways of being with one another.

We encourage both parents to join us for the duration of the retreat with their children. There is no partial attendance to this residential retreat. Commuting is not an option.

During scheduled times of the day, there will be a program for children who are 6 years old and older, as well as a program for tweens, and another for teens. Monastic and lay staff members will lead the programs and will ask for support from parents to assist the groups during the retreat. Please be aware that parental supervision is required whenever children and teens are not in their scheduled program groups. Also, children 5 years old and younger will require parental supervision for the duration of their stay at the monastery.

If your family determines that they are committed to attending the 5 days of this retreat, we encourage early registration. Space is limited. Registration is per individual, not per family, nor per tent or dorm room.

See our Facebook Event Page to connect with others.

Pricing for 5-day retreat registration:

  • Tent – Adult $200 | Teen $160 | Child $100
  • 6 Bed Dorm – Adult $240 | Teen $200 | Child $140: ACCOMMODATION FULL
  • 3 Bed Dorm – Adult $280 | Teen $240 | Child $180: ACCOMMODATION FULL


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Waiting List for Family Retreat:
If your preferred accommodation is full, you may add your name to the waiting list using the button below. The Family Retreat arrival date is June 20, 2018.




Teen Camp

July 17–22, 2018

Registration opening date: April 4, 2018

Teen Camp is open to all teens with or without previous experience with mindfulness, meditation, or camping. This is a special time for all teenagers–please come and join!

During this retreat, we will come together as brothers and sisters to develop skills that help us learn to be alive in the present moment and to connect deeply with ourselves and others. When we learn to be mindful, a whole new world appears.

Activities will include walking meditation, eating in mindfulness, participating in periods of noble silence, sitting meditation, dharma presentations, sharing in groups, Deep Relaxation Meditation, joyful service, games, and hiking. Other activities we may include are morning exercise, drinking tea meditation, and a performance night.

We will stay in large tents (around 5 teens per tent). Teen girls will be assigned to a tent in Clarity Hamlet Oak Grove and teen boys to a tent in the Solidity Hamlet Campground. There will be monastic and lay staff members staying in both campgrounds. The monastery will provide tents, but we ask everyone to bring their own sleeping bags, sleeping mats, and pillows.

Participants are expected to attend the entire retreat and all activities. For parents and younger siblings, please consider registering for Family Retreat, when there will be programs for children, teens, and adults. Teen Camp is exclusively for teens ages 13-19: no exceptions.

See our Facebook Event Page to connect with others.
Pricing for 6-day Teen Camp registration:

  • Tent – $200 per teen


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