Monastics Coming to Orange County

We last held a Day of Mindfulness in Orange County in Fall 2017. This year we are happy to return as a monastic sangha and offer a day of practice and community. We are also happy that Sister Chan Khong should be joining us in person.

This is a fundraising event that aims to explore the diverse ways in which we can give back to our community by way of the practice, the Dharma, of shared wisdom, food offering and financial support. Dāna is a Sanskrit word that connotes the virtue of generosity, charity or giving of alms.

We cordially invite all members from the Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese Sanghas, their family members, and friends in the Southern California area to participate in this special day of mindfulness practice. During this event, we will enjoy several basic practices together, such as sitting, walking, and eating meditation, as well as some unique Dharma events organized explicitly for this fundraising occasion. The Dana Day provides a valuable opportunity for all of us to practice the art of giving in its many forms, including the offering of food, insights, practice, and financial support, to the monastic and multifold community. 

The Dāna of Food

An offering of food and basic sustenance. A special Alms Round Formal Lunch in the Park. The entire Deer Park monastics will move in procession to receive offerings of lunch from local Sangha layfriends. We will then all gather to sit together as one Sangha body to practice eating meditation. It is symbolic of the ancient practice of monastics entering the city to beg for food as an expression of humility and codependency.

The Dāna of Prajñā

An offering of Insight and Collective Deep Looking. A special Panel Discussion that will explore how the Dharma practices and teachings of the Plum Village Tradition offered by Thay have helped us identify, hold, heal, and navigate through the demands and blessings of our multicultural community. Together we will reflect on how to balance between discovering and cherishing our profound spiritual traditions and developing and evolving our practice and points of view  to meet the realities of modern life. Our family and community spans two, three and even four generations—from immigrant grandparents to a younger Americanized social media generation; that has its roots in Vietnamese and other foreign cultures but are also learning, assimilating and adjusting to unfamiliar and modern elements. The panel will consist of experienced Sangha members that will reflect this diversity. 

The Dāna of Sangha

An offering of Community. A special Sangha Fair that will showcase our diverse and multi-generational, multi-cultural community that is continually evolving and adapting to this new land. Each Sangha will have a table booth with members sharing about their local Sangha. It is a chance for us to meet each other and celebrate our local spiritual family.

The Dāna of Dharma

An offering of our practice. It is a chance for us to Practice the Dharma together as a collective- walking meditation, sitting meditation, eating meditation, and generally enjoying the present moment as a spiritual family and the wonders of the outdoors, nature and the simple miracle of being alive!

The Dāna of Resources

An offering of financial support. We have a chance to donate and support the physical development of our Deer Park Monastery which has always been dependent throughout history on the generosity of the lay Sangha. This is a fundraising event to support the growth of the monastic community, in particular the growth of the monk’s order and their need to expand their existing monk’s residence.


Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley (Orange County) on Sunday May 21st from 9am-5pm.

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